Spirit Week Overview! The Schedule (With Expert Commentary)
by Miranda Clarke

It is the time of year once again where people raid the closest Goodwill and act with a competitive zeal because it is finally here: Spirit Week! Arguably the best week of the year, Spirit Week fills the air with anticipation and festivity that no other YHS event even comes close to matching.

Below is a comprehensive guide to daily themes and contests to determine the winner between the grades. Similar to golf, the victor is determined by the lowest number of points.

Week Long Events:

Amount Dressed (Advisory): Each day your advisor will tally the number of present students who are dressing according to each day’s theme. Make sure to wear something that fits with the theme because every person matters as it is calculated as a percentage!

Best Dressed (Cafe Mon, Tues, Thurs/Gym Wed, Fri): Everyday each grade will send the people from the grade that best represent the theme from that day. Critiqued by esteemed judges, outfits that both fit the theme well and show creativity and effort tend to score better.

Penny Wars (Outside Office): What could be better than getting rid of loose change and helping out a good cause? This simple contest involves raising the most amount of money (without putting in dollar bills!)- which are detracted from the total money raised from each class’s jar and can be used for sabotage.

Paper Chains for Change (Outside Cafe): Another fun charity competition to help aid our Interact Club’s mission to help the people of Guatemala. More information can be found here. Bring in some money to help them reach their goal!

Day One: Clipper Pride Day-Blue and White

Blind Drawing(Cafeteria-First Break): “Timed” and “sketch” are not terms that artists put together often. In this artistic competition, students must draw an unknown subject in a set amount of time. The final results are always interesting to see.

Simon Says (Cafeteria-After School): This high intensity game of Simon Says led by Ms.Wooten makes its competitors go through the wringer, as Wooten’s commands are intended to confuse and mislead.

Speed Puzzles (Library-After School): This is exactly what it sound like. A group of people work together to piece together a puzzle at the fastest pace they can muster.

Day Two: Character Day-Anything from Anywhere

Super Smash Bros. (Cafeteria-First Break): A battle royale of the beloved Nintendo characters, a game where the contenders battle until there is only one standing.

Dodgeball (Gym-After School): One of the most spectated events, dodgeball is held in a tournament style contest. It can be difficult to find a spot so be sure to get there early.

Lip Sync Battle (YPAC-After School): Karaoke taken to the next level, the lip sync battle is a mix of a choreographed routine and fake singing- often resulting in hiliarity.

Day Three: Element Day (Water-Freshman, Earth-Sophomore, Air-Juniors, Fire-Seniors)-Power of the Element!

Mystery Engineering Challenge (Gym-Morning Assembly): Sounding exactly as is named, groups are presented with a challenge to overcome and create something to overcome it.

Limbo (Gym-Morning Assembly): This contest will test the flexibility and tenacity of the competitor.

Cupcake Decorating (Gym-Morning Assembly): Drawing inspiration from Cupcake Wars, this competition puts the contenders cupcake decorating skills to the test trying to make wonderful cupcakes that fall in accordance with each grade’s theme.

Arm Wrestling (Gym-First Break): Brawn versus brawn, this good ol’ fashion contest assesses the might of the competitors.

Spike Ball (Gym-After School): This interesting game is a modified volleyball that can be played with a netted trampoline and a ball. The competitors run around bouncing the ball off the trampoline until it double bounces off the net or falls on the floor.

Improv (YPAC-After School): This wonderful competition filled with humor and unusual scenarios makes for an event a must watch for those who love comedy.  

Day Four: Fashion Disaster Day-Mix and Match

Guitar Solo (Cafeteria-First Break): Musical talents put against each other in a spirited match of showmanship.

Ping Pong (Cafeteria-After School): A game of back and forth, table tennis can be a fun sport to watch.

Jeopardy (Library-After School): A battle of the minds with questions that span knowledge from Freshman to Senior year.

Cafeteria Decorating (2:45-9:00): Immediately after school students from each grade will work together to set up their designated area. If you’re free, your class would appreciate your help!

Day Five: Color Day (Pink-Freshman, Orange-Sophomore, Black-Juniors, Red-Seniors)-Class Pride!

Mural Judging (Friday Assembly): Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but not for this contest. The mural that shows the best artistic ability and overall best look will garner the judges’ favor.

Extreme Target Launch (Friday Assembly): Who will fly the farthest? Who will go the highest? Find out in this contest.

Relay Race (Friday Assembly): What is better than running alone? Working together with a group to run against others and overcome challenges. That is exactly that this competition provides.

Grapefruit Pass (Friday Assembly): This curious competition has groups passing a grapefruit back and forth amongst group members without the benefit of hands. The group that manages to have lowest time will win.

Hungry Hippos (Friday Assembly): While there is a slight rule change this time around, it is the same game that we watched during Homecoming.

Cafeteria Judging(Friday Assembly): After all the hard work that people put into their displays, they are judged on a wide variety of factors such as ecological friendliness.

Tug of War(Friday Assembly): A fierce battle of strength and shoe grip will determine the victor of this tournament style battle.

Talent Competition(Friday Assembly): The pinnacle of class togetherness- the most talented among us show us what each class is about.