General Information:

Hello, and welcome to my Teacher Site! All major assignments, hand outs, deadlines, and assessments can be found for students on Google Classroom, and parents can follow along below on the Google Calendars (click on an assignment in the calendars for more information about the assignment). These can also be added to your personal calendars (and the calendars of your students) by clicking the "+Google Calendar" button in the bottom right of each calendar.

For all individualized communication, I reach out through email and check it constantly. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time!

If you are checking grades on Powerschool, a "--" indicates an assignment I have not graded yet or is not due yet. A yellow box next to the "--" indicates an assignment I have graded but have not received from you. Lastly, a 0 with a yellow box indicates an assignment that is late and has not been received for over a week past the deadline - this may sometimes be turned in late for a penalty.

Freshman English CP/Honors Syllabus
Junior English CP Syllabus

Google Classroom Codes:
Advisor Group: eg660uw
Freshman English CP 2B: 5t3mdo
Freshman English Honors 2W: 4j56nu
Freshman English Honors 4W: gsn2kz
Junior CP English 3BW: 66jenq
Junior CP English 4B: 5pkzr6w

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About me:

I graduated from Bowdoin College with a dual-degree in English and Economics, alongside minors in Teaching and Music. Since then, I've gotten certified to teach both English and Social Studies in Maine, focusing primarily on the interconnectedness of the humanities. I firmly believe in the idea that coming to an understanding of the world requires knowing as much about it as possible - through literature, arts, physical pursuits, science, and everything in between - and I connect what we learn in the classroom to what students care about outside it. My teaching also focuses on the idea of understanding others and their actions - the more empathy and understanding we have, the more effectively and easily we can navigate this world that increasingly relies on cooperation with others to succeed.

Ask me about: archery, web design, ukulele, guitar, singing, fitness, boxing, economic game theory and strategic thinking, graphic novels and comics, film, electronic music production, graphic design