Photo 3


In-Class Assignments

Thurs. 6/11

Work on creating book and printing pages

Tues. 6/9

Work on creating book and printing pages

Fri. 6/5

Continue planning ideas for photo book

Wed. 6/3

Introduce and demo photo book-making

Begin to plan

Mon. 6/1

  • No sophomores or seniors
  • Discuss book-making ideas

Thurs. 5/28

Tues. 5/26

  • Finalize work on Final Independent Project
  • Complete the Independent project reflection
  • Prepare matts for summer display at 317 Main Street

Thurs. 5/21

Continue work on Final Independent Project

Tues. 5/19

Discuss Theme, independent project

Continue work on independent project

Fri. 5/16

Work on Final Independent Project

Wed. 5/14

  • Review Quiz; Make up by Tues. 5/19
  • Work on Independent Project
  • Complete parts 1-2 and begin working on 3.

Mon. 5/11

Cornerstone Quiz: Manual settings

Changing pinhole images to positive images in Photoshop

  • Photograph the negative
  • Open the photograph in Photoshop
  • File>adjustments>desaturate
  • File>adjustments>invert
  • Save as a jpg, small quality
  • Print jpg

Introduce "Final Independent Project"

Thurs. 5/7

Review for Cornerstone: Manual Camera Settings; Cornerstone Mon. 5/11

Continue printing in darkroom

Tues. 5/5

Review how to print in the darkroom

Print photos

Fri. 5/1

Finish prepping for Clayton's exhibit; Matt, frame, print artist's statements

Wed. 4/29

  • Artist's statements, visual and written, due
  • Begin to cut matts and organize for Clayton's show

Mon. 4/27

  • Pair share artist's statements
  • Discuss visual statement

Wed. 4/15

  • Be sure Claytons photos are on the server; I need to order them tomorrow!
  • Work on writing Artist's Statement; Share document with me at the end of class
  • In Photoshop, create a "visual" artist's statement; see student examples; save, we will print after vacation.

Mon. 4/13

  • Due today:Second Free-Choice photo assignment with blog post,  flickr; print contact sheets
  • Walk to Claytons to check out space for May Art Exhibit

Thurs. 4/9

  • Watch movies
  • Review for Cornerstone: Manual camera settings

Tues. 4/7

  • Discuss Claytons show
  • Organize work on server
  • Fav NYC photos on server
  • Photos to print (for Art exhibit) on server
  • Videos on server
  • Review for Cornerstone: Manual camera settings

Fri. 4/3

Finish working on Change the World Videos, Due: Tues. 4/7

Wed, 4/1

  • Continue working on the Change the World psa, 
  • Continue to pay attention to the  imovie rubric
  • Projected due date for CORNERSTONE: Change the World psa, is Tues. 4/7

Mon. 3/30

  • Share new photos and begin working on putting movie together.

Thurs. 3/26

Discuss Part C

Review  imovie rubric

Tues. 3/24

  • Part B due, psa
  • Complete Part C, psa in-class, due beginning of class on Thurs. 3/26
  • Present ideas and images to the class for PSA
Human Traffic Signs

Mon. 3/16

Discuss CORNERSTONE: Change the World, psaInterview and 60 photos due Tues. 3/24

Print, Matt, and display NYC photos

Wed. 3/11

Debrief the NYC field trip

Work on CORNERSTONE: Part A of Change the World, psa

Mon. 3/9

Thurs. 3/5


Tues. 3/3

Review plans for NYC & NYC Assignment

Share contact sheets for still-60 Still-life Photographs

Complete blog post

CORNERSTONEIntro to Change the World, psa

Wed. 2/25

  • Share light painting photographs
  • Share and discuss digital still-lifes
  • Continue to shoot still-lifes; first with digital cameras and then with film cameras

Mon. 2/23

Thurs. 2/12

  • Share First photo assignment with blog post,  flickr; print contact sheets
  • Review basic photo manipulations and file size
  • Review how to use a manual film camera

  • NYC planning

Tues. 2/10

  • Pass in contact sheets, include name, grade, and theme
  • Continue light painting
  • Upload light painting photographs and organize

Fri. 2/6

  • Review manual settings and discuss light painting blog posts;
  • Light Painting during class

Wed. 2/4

Review manual settings

Intro light painting

Mon. 2/2

Snow day

Thurs. 1/29

  • Course Expectations
  • Get binders & portfolio slots
  • Blog & Flickr set up - server
  • update on NYC field trip
  • In the short Ted Talk below, photographer and educator Chris Orwig talks about what sets photographers apart in the way they "magnify memories" and by "saying more with less" by following the "poets path".

    Ted Talk, Imagine That

Post #1 - Goals - Do NOT include the questions:

What would you like to learn more about? What aspects of photography are you most interested?

Think about a variety of options, ex: Digital, Film, Exposure, Subject Matter, Photoshop, Manipulating Photographs, Videography...feel free to look at possibilities on-line; try to be specific.

Discuss biweekly assignments and brainstorm ideas for "themes"

Homework Assignments

Due: Thurs. 5/28

Final Independent Project

Due: Tues. May 19

All others: Theme assignment, first photos/videos due today

Elana & Tim: Fourth Free-Choice photo assignment with blog post,  flickr; print contact sheets

Mon. 5/11 - Cornerstone Manual Camera Settings 

Due: Tues. May 5

Third Free-Choice photo assignment with blog post,  flickr; print contact sheets

Due: Wed. 4/29

  • Artist's statements, visual and written, due

Due: Mon. 4/13

Second Free-Choice photo assignment with blog post,  flickr; print contact sheets

Due Tues. 4/7: CORNERSTONE: Change the World, psa, blog post, rubric, and reflection

Due Mon. 3/30

Complete Part D,  Change the World, psa

Due Thurs. 3/26

Complete Part C,  Change the World, psa

Due Tues. 3/24

Part B: Interview and 60 photos due Tues. 3/24 for CORNERSTONE: Change the World, psa

Due Mon. 3/16

CORNERSTONE: Part A of Change the World, psa, excluding the actual interviews.

Due: Mon. 3/9

NYC Assignment

Due: Thurs. 3/5

Still-life blog post

Due: Tues. 3/3

60 Still-life Photographs, no blog post

Bring still-life objects to class & manual film camera

Due Wed. 2/25

Light painting due

Due Mon. 2/23

Bring film & digital cameras, along with personal objects for still-lifes

Due Tues. 2/10

First photo assignment with blog post,  flickr; print contact sheets

Due Fri. 2/6

Due Mon. 2/2: 

Bring to class light painting materials
$25 Lab Fee
Bring Digital  & Film Camera to Class