Photo 1, Spring 2015

Photo 1 Spring 2015

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still"...Dorothea Lange

In-Class Work

Wed. 6/10
Print and share "Photos with quotes"
In-class, complete the reflection and blog post 
Be sure flickr and the server folders are up to date
Clean out portfolio slots

Mon. 6/8
Update flickr & server
Finish Photos with Quotes

Tues. 6/2
Fri. 5/29
  • Finish uploading movies
  • Finish rubric
  • Share movies
  • Farewell to seniors
Wed. 5/27
  • Finish Who am I video
  • Exporting Movie:
    1. Choose File>Share>Theater
    2. it will take a few minutes to process
    3. upon completion, drag the movie to your desktop
    4. this will create a movie file in quicktime
    5. upload the quicktime movie to flickr
    To edit sound, follow the directions below:
  • Post on vimeo or flickr
  • Create a post on your blog, titled, Who Am I Video project; link to your video
  • Complete the rubric and submit in
  • Introduce Photo with Quotes
Fri. 5/22
Wed. 5/20
Pinhole reflection:
On your blog complete the following:
  • Create a blog post titled, "Pinhole Camera"
  • Post at least one pinhole negative, along with the positive image. 
  • Make sure the images are large.
  • Below the image, define pinhole camera. Look up the definition.
  • Answer the following questions, using 2 well-developed and thoughtful paragraphs for each question. (at least 6 sentences). DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS:
  1. What 3 things did you learn about the process of creating pinhole images?
  2. Did you enjoy doing this project? Why or Why not?
  • Copy and paste the positive image and your response on the Ning.\
Update flickr and Ning with recent assignments
Portraits/Self-Portraits dueShare, print one
Continue work on "Who am I"  video project
Mon. 5/18
Thurs. 5/14
  • Complete parts 1 & 2 during class for "Who am I" project. Due at the end of class.
Tues. 5/12
Photo - Creative Writing collaboration

Fri. 5/8
Review process for pinhole photographs
Last day to create images

Wed. 5/6
  • Demo pinhole cameras and process
  • Students begin creating pinhole images in pairs
Mon. 5/4
Thurs. 4/30
  • Read and discuss the links on Intro Selfies;
  • Complete the blog post;
  • With your mobile device, shoot 30 selfies, knowing that you will be posting your favorite 3 and printing your favorite one.

Tues. 4/27
Finalize poster; craftsmanship counts!
Complete the reflection/blog post

Thurs. 4/16
Finish working on Alphabet assignment;

Tues. 4/14
Due Today: 
  • 12 images for Photo/Creative writing collaboration (at least 3 images for each emotion) - print 2 on a page
  • Food - print contact sheets, share and print one photograph
  • Continue to work on Alphabet assignment
Fri. 4/10
Wed. 4/8
Mon. 4/6
Finish work on  CORNERSTONE: Historical and Contemporary Photographers and complete Part D, blog post

Thurs. 4/2
Tues. 3/31

Fri. 3/27

Wed. 3/25

Mon. 3/23
Thurs. 3/12

Tues. 3/10
Continue work on Work on Levitation Photographs

Fri. 3/6
Introduction to Photoshop with Elise

Wed. 3/4

Mon. 3/2
Thurs. 2/26
  • Winter photographs due: 
    • Share contact sheets
    • Print one
  • Set up Flickr accounts and link to blog
Tues. 2/24
Fri. 2/13

Wed. 2/11
Discuss next biweekly assignment, "Winter"
Simplicity Photographs due:
  • Share contact sheets
  • Print one
(10 min) Video on Cubism
Set up flickr; link to blog
Mon. 2/9
Watch the movie, "The Photographer" and then complete a review of the movie on your blog.
Thurs. 2/5
Review "Know your camera"
Review "how to take better photographs"
Take "Simplicity Photographs"
Tues. 2/3

Fri. 1/30
  • Join the ning
  • ON YHS Ning  set up your page;  write where you were born at the top and drag your photo section to the top and underneath. Pull up a section that lets you write your first name and a bit about your backgrounds.. where you were born, what you like to do etc. This is a way you might get to know one another better. Really important,  everyone joins the Spring 2015 group!
  • Discuss hw, Things to bring if your house were burning down
  • Shoot 30 photos of "a day in the life of a YHS student"
Mon. 1/26
  • Ice breaker activity
  • Review syllabus 
  • Show TEd talk movie 
  • Collage folder, assign shelves
  • Bring digital camera to class on Fri. 1/30, along with $25 lab fee
Discussion about what makes a great photograph
  • Blog Set Up:
    • Go to and create a new blog titled: (your name) Melissa's Fantastic Photo 1 Portfolio
    • Address should be, yhsPhoto1melissa2015;
    • Choose a theme that is simple in design; one that will not compete with your work;

    Blog Post #1 - "Motivation"
Do NOT include the Questions:
  1. Why do you think people photograph? 
  2. What motivates you to be successful? What can the teacher do to help you be successful? 

Resources & Links


Wed. 6/10
Photos with quotes due
In-class, complete the reflection and blog post 

Wed. 5/27
"Who Am I?" video due

Wed. 5/20

Thurs. 5/14
  • Parts 1 & 2 during class for "Who am I" project. Due at the end of class.
Mon. 5/4
Take more selfies to have 30 good ones!

Thurs. 4/30
Finish blog post for Alphabet assignment

Tues. 4/14
12 images for Photo/Creative writing collaboration (at least 3 images for each emotion)

Wed. 4/9
Fri. 3/27
Due: Mon. 3/23
Cornerstone: Review the reflection and blog post for Levitation Assignment, turn in in
Thurs. 3/12

Wed. 3/4

Bring Cameras to class.

Thurs. 2/26

Fri. 2/13
Wed. 2/11
Be sure to follow all directions

Tues. 2/3
  • Photograph what you would bring with you if your house were burning down? - 10 photos
  • Blog Post, titled, "What to bring if my house was burning down".
  • Post your favorite images and explain your idea in a well-developed paragraph.
  • Copy and paste the writing and upload the same image to the Ning.
Due: by Fri. 1/30
$25 Lab Fee
Bring Digital Camera to Class

David Hockney

Photo 1 is a semester course that will introduce the student to the essentials of photography and photographic manipulations, using the traditional darkroom, along with using image editing software. Students will learn how to use their digital camera, how to compose engaging photos, and to recognize excellence in photography. The students will understand that photography is not just about technique but perception and communication.  Students will become familiar with a variety technologies to aid in presenting their work to their peers, along with the world at large. Students will begin with simply taking pictures and then move into learning what it takes to compose strong images. They will also learn about the people who have made their "mark" within the Art of Photography. In the process of becoming thoughtful and knowledgeable image makers and image readers, students will gain communication and problem solving skills so that they will be better able to navigate our increasingly visual culture.

In the spirit of collaboration and to enhance the communication of classroom expectations, assignments, and resources in Digital Imagery, this class will collaborate and share our ideas and photos with students in a similar high school program with the International School of Beijing, China. We will use the YHS Ning as the vehicle for our collaboration. It is also one of the places for  the student, to give and get feedback and to showcase your best work that will be viewed and shared here and around the globe.