Graphic Design

 In-Class Assignments

Thurs. 6/11
  • Magazine covers due
  • Share and print final magazine cover designs
  • Complete reflection and blog post in class
  • Update blog posts with images
Mon. 6/8
  • Share and give feedback on magazine cover designs
  • Covers due Thurs. 6/11

Tues. 6/2
Share ideas and begin designing t-shirt

Mon. 6/1
Part 1, Magazine cover design

Fri. 5/29
Thurs. 5/28
Tues. 5/26
  • Finish BBM T-Shirt stuff
  • Complete blog post
  • Prepare for screen printing
Fri. 5/22
CORNERSTONE: BBM T-Shirt Rubric, reflection and blog post, in class work
Read directions carefully and proofread work.

Mon. 5/18 & Tues 5/19
  • Finalize front and back designs
  • Due: Tues. 5/19, end of class
Fri. 5/15
  • Based on feedback, re-work your front and back designs
  • Due: Tues. 5/19
Thurs. 5/14
  • Finish ideas for front and back of BBM T-Shirt
  • If complete before the end of class, Carrie is looking for "brand new" ideas for front
  • Looking for a "finished second front" by the beginning of class on Friday
Tues. 5/12
Final front and back due for BBM T-Shirt
Mid-point reflection: 
  • Refer to the BBM Rubric and look at your designs, front and back
  • On your blog, create a post titled, "BBM T-Shirt, Midpoint reflection
  • Post your "works in progress"
  • Below your designs, respond to the following question in paragraph form:
What specific areas do you need to focus upon? What are your challenges at this point? Where will you go from here?

Mon. 5/11
Continue work on BBM T-Shirt

Fri. 5/8
Continue work on BBM T-Shirt

Thurs. 5/7
Feedback session for BBM T-Shirt

Tues. 5/5
Continue work on BBM T-Shirt

Mon. 5/4
Continue work on BBM T-Shirt

Fri. 5/1
Work on BBM T-Shirt

Mon. 4/27
Finish cutting templates
Practice printing

Thurs. 4/16
Cut screen-printing templates

Mon. 4/13
Posters due. Print PDF, complete the rubric

Begin to generate ideas for Part 3, Screenprinting, Power of visual communication

Thurs. 4/9 & Fri 4/10
Finish work on persuasive posters 
Due: Mon. 4/13

Tues. 4/7
Share persuasive poster ideas
Finish working on them based on feedback

Mon. 4/6
Continue work on persuasive posters

Thurs. 4/2 & Fri. 4/3
Share drafts for poster

Mon. 3/30
Begin to work on Part 2: Poster

Thurs. 3/26
Tues. 3/24
Mon. 3/16
Continue work on CORNERSTONE: Logo Designs

Tues. 3/10
Present Adjective Designs to the class;
Present 2-3 ideas for Logo Designs to the class

Mon. 3/9
Print Adjective Designs on card stock; be prepared to present them to the class on Tues. 3/10

Continue work on CORNERSTONE: Logo Designs, Create 2-3 ideas to share with class on Tues. 3/10

Thurs. 3/5
Continue work on CORNERSTONE: Logo Designs, Create 2-3 ideas to share with class on Tues. 3/10

Tues. 3/3
Print and present Adjective Designs to class
Continue work on CORNERSTONE: Logo Designs

Mon. 3/2
Work on CORNERSTONE: Logo Designs

Fri. 2/27
Finish working on Adjective Designs & complete Adjective Designs Rubric & Self-Assessment. Find it in Due: Beginning of class on Tues. 3/4

Intro to CORNERSTONE: Logo Designs

Thurs. 2/26
Reflection on VIA field trip: On your blog, using a well-developed paragraph, explain "the highlights of our trip to VIA": What you found fascinating and what you want to remember". 

Continue working on Adjective Designs.

Tues. 2/24
  • Field trip to VIA
Mon. 2/23
Finish VIA Special Assignment:
On your blog, explain your thing, how it inspires you, and why it would inspire others. Due: Tues. 2/24

1. Individually: find something (not a person) that inspires you, and make it inspire the rest of us.

2. Split the students into two groups. Each will act as their own ad agency, competing against the other for the job. The assignment: Ore-Ida. Come up with the strategy, the target audience, and the creative idea. Either a 30 second commercial or an online video. Do whatever you have to do to present the idea and sell it. Be able to support the creative idea with a clear strategy of how and why you came up with the idea.
  • Fri. 2/13
    • Work on VIA Special Assignment
Tues. 2/10

Mon. 2/9
Fri. 2/6
  • Share works-in-progress for the adjective designs;
  • Join
  • Review the rubric;
  • Continue working on adjective designs.

Tues. 2/3
Fri. 1/30
Shortened Class, Hector Hebert Assembly;
Thurs. 1/29
Mon. 1/26
Show: Why Design & Technology? (Parsons)

Blog Set Up:
  • Go to and create a new blog titled: (your name) Melissa's Grand Graphic Design Portfolio
  • Address should be, yhsmelissaGD2015;
  • Choose a theme that is simple in design; one that will not compete with your work;
  • You can put an image and/or tagline in the header (sample graphic design blog)
Blog Post #1: Titled, Motivation
What motivates you to be successful? What can the teacher do to help you be successful?
Collage folder, assign shelves

Read the article, What is Graphic Design?
  • Create a new post on your blog titled, "What is Graphic Design?" 
  • Summarize in a well-developed paragraph what you learned.
  • Discuss

"That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."
~ Steve Jobs

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