Final Thoughts:
    I learned a lot of new things this semester when exploring different mediums such as acrylic paint, oil pastel, charcoal, color pencil, and watercolor. I feel like the unit I learned the most from was the Expressive Self-Portrait. I had never really used oil pastels seriously as a medium before, and I love how they can be manipulated to get great color by mixing and layering. I loved making the Expressive Self-Portrait as it was one of the most creative projects we did, making a picture of ourselves carcicature-like and enchancing that mood with a strong color scheme. My family really loves it as well- it is already hanging up in the kitchen!
    Another project that was memorable for me artistically was the Realistic Self-Portrait. I learned a lot about creating an effective self-portrait from that unit. I love how you can see how much my skills improved by looking at the Pre-Instructional Drawing vs. the final drawing. Before this unit, I never knew that I could create a realistic portrait of myself just by following formulas for facial feature proportions and looking closely at my face. I also got to use charcoal extensively, a medium I hadn't used much before this unit. I also learned to look closely at light falling on subjects and using charcoal to turn that into shades and highlights on a piece of paper. 
    Finally, my Perspective Landscape Drawing was another project I learned a lot from. Like the two projects mentioned above, I hadn't used colored pencil as a medium extensively before- only for doodles and quick drawings. Being able to create a detailed colored pencil drawing from one of my own photos was a neat experience. I also learned a lot about using perspective in drawings, particularly in landscapes. Perspective is important if an artist wishes to create a realistic drawing. I am happy to be able to add 'perspective' to my skills that I can use in any art I might create in the future. 
Artwork of which I am the most proud:
I am the most proud of my Inspired Painting. I feel as though this one of my strongest pieces of work from the semester. This painting came out exactly as I envisioned it. I am very proud of how I used color and pointillism techniques to create this painting. I used a lot of color detail work to create the effects of how the color shifts on the curves of the trees and the sky gets lighter. I think I did well in creating the mood of a technicolor wonderland- I love how this piece is slightly whimsical while still being an interesting landscape-painting. This is one of my most successful paintings as the amount of work I put into it is equal to the quality of the final product. The impact this work had on my learning was that 
Artist's Statement:
 I am inspired most by beautiful things in the world. I feel like anything can be beautiful which makes me able to be inspired by a lot of things, be they films, stories, or things I spot out of the corner of my eye. Art is the ability to translate beautiful moments into something tangible, or at least a small aspect of it. I am the constant observer, examining my surroundings for a feeling that can be recreated through art. My medium of choice is photography; I love being able to convey a powerful moment through a lens. Quite often, the photographs are documentation of something that has actually happened, making them all the more believable. This semester, I learned new skills in drawing and painting. I hope to be able to use these skills further in my art education to create work that communicates strong ideas.