Wash's Sweater (aka Big Damn Sweater and The Washburne) is a project of Big Damn Knitters, the Ravelry group for fans of the TV series Firefly and the spin-off movie Serenity.

The goal was to recreate a sweater worn by the character Wash in two of the series episodes -- "Out of Gas" and "The Message."

Variations of the cable pattern were created by Laura Wilson-Martos and Margaret (Maggs) Kailhofer.  Maggs' pattern in particular provided the basis for this pattern.

Serenity Cable Chart (Chart B)
Part of both patterns, for printing on legal size paper

Pattern #1:  traditional Aran style, with pieces knit flat and sewn together
Pattern #2:  seamless gansey style, with pieces knit in the round
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