Signal to Noise Enhancement Program

Signal to Noise Enhancement Program - SNEP

YarCom® Inc. is an expert in measurement automation, analysis, display, and mitigation of radio noise and interference that degrade modern telecommunications systems. Since 1986, YarCom engineers have worked in this little known field.

We perform a leadership role in the Signal to Noise Enhancement Program - SNEP - which is a 30+ year U.S. Government program to measure, identify, and mitigate noise and interference that degrade the performance of sensitive U.S. telecommunications facilities.

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Dr. Gus Lott began working as the Senior SNEP Scientist in 1999.

Noise and interference come in four dominant forms:

  • Natural background noise. including galactic

  • Sferics (lightning)

  • Man-made unintended emissions, such as such as the power-line frequency related gap noise shown above, intermodulation products, parasitic oscillations, beyond-coverage-area propagation, and signals generated because of poor configuration management

  • Intended emissions, such as unauthorized out-of-band industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) emitters, jamming and other unauthorized radio frequency sources

YarCom has developed unique analysis methods to statistically describe measured noise and interference. We record the observed characteristics in terms of the temporal statistics, spectral statistics, and entropy. We have implemented these algorithms in a software automation system called RF-Control.

YarCom® Inc.: the world's leader in understanding the real electromagnetic environment.