Mission Assurance

Mission Assurance

Mission Assurance (MA) is more than just the key to cyber-assurance and information assurance. Often called but confused with Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP), your organization depends on Mission Assurance programs to operate in the best and worst of times

YarCom® Inc. sees you through from concept to maintenance to modernization. Our processes assist you to:

    • Gather, analyze and document requirements for MA modernization needs.

    • Examine, recommend and document standards compliance that relate to implementing your organizations requirements using best practices, your corporate policies and work flows, and following standards such as

      • ISO/IEC 27000 series

      • NFPA 1600

      • ISO/PAS 22399-1

      • NIST FIPS 200

      • DoD Instruction 3020.39.

    • Define high-level mission assurance modernization requirements in terms of functional use cases that will/can be incorporated into a UML tool.

    • Provide guidance on current technology/processes that can be used to satisfy modernization requirements and provide an implementation plan(s) or implement that technology/process when possible.

    • Perform engineering analysis to develop technical specifications and metrics for MA implementation validation that will be included in the MA implantation plan.

  • Provide training and exercises to implement your MA plan.

  • Provide technical support to create, maintain, and modify your MA related documents and practices along with various databases to support reporting measuring, and displaying information for various operation purposes.

YarCom® Inc.: The source for your Mission Assurance expertise.

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