Ms. Mary C. Lott

President & CEO

Mary Lott is YarCom's founding officer and current President, Chief Operating Officer, and Human Resources Director. She manages the day-to-day overall corporate operations and the operations of our Texas campus. She previously worked for Southwestern Bell.

Ms. Lott earned her B.B.A. with specialization in personnel management.

Ms. Lott completed additional courses at Montgomery College (mathematics), Monterey Peninsula College (photography with Henry Gilpin), photography workshops with Kim Weston and Rod Dresser, and digital image processing at the Santa Fe Workshops.In addition to her corporate officer activities, Ms. Lott is YarCom's photographer and image processor.

Ms. Lott developed YarCom's technical documentation imagery work flow, including our capture-to-reproduction calibration, archiving, cataloging, preservation, and image assuredness programs.

mobile/sms: +1 512-963-3324