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YarCom® Inc. is a professional engineering company serving both the public and private sectors. Our senior-level professionals are among the most qualified and experienced experts in their fields. Individual attention to customer needs and collective support based on our team’s breadth and depth of knowledge ensure YarCom fulfills your requirements.

"It seems that perfection is reached not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to subtract." Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Terre des Hommes (Gallimard, 1939), p. 60.

Our practice includes electrical, electronic, and communications engineering; test and measurement systems; analytical software design, development, and test; modeling and simulation; and standards compliance and mission assurance engineering. We design efficient. modern on and off grid homes, including solar and wind power, energy storage, efficient appliances, and HVAC. We also engineer and test equipment designed for ultralight backpacking and other long distance hiking.

YarCom's outreach vision

  • We listen to our customer throughout the project.

  • We collaborate with our customer, recognizing that shared information is vital to project success.

  • We focus on solving our customer's most difficult challenges.

  • We deliver an engineering recommendation that is sound, accurate, impartial, and forward-looking.

  • We competitively price our work through planning and efficiency.

  • We strive to exceed our customer's expectation.

YarCom's corporate vision

  • We share in living our code of ethics.

  • We share in job performance excellence.

  • We share in innovation, thinking toward the singularity, willing to try on new ideas.

  • We share in our independence, as recognized subject matter experts.

  • We share our strengths, realizing we all bring unique talents to the table.

  • We share in satisfaction and enjoyment of what we accomplish.

  • We share our desire to stay current in our field, participating in lifelong education.

  • We share internal corporate information, in a cooperative management framework.

  • We share in our future: our children, our community, our world.

YarCom's name = Our spirit

People often ask us about the origin of our company name, specifically the ‘Yar’ part. Strictly speaking, ‘yar’ is a Middle English word meaning:

yar - yare (yâr) adj. [Middle English; from Old English gearo]

  1. agility; speed

  2. ready; qualified

  3. stable in rough seas; quick to the helm

These definitions capture our YarCom spirit - the special quality that we work hard to retain.

*** Where Have You Heard ‘Yar’? ***

Contact Us

YarCom® Inc.

8127 Mesa Dr., Suite B206-318

Austin, TX 78759-8632 USA

voice/sms (+1): 512-703-0562

voice (+44) 0131 618 9591

fax (+1): 512-597-2396

e: info@yarcom.com


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YarCom® Inc. proudly supports the scientific, technical, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs of the University of Texas McDonald Observatory. We encourage everyone to support the Orion Circle - an outstanding educational connection.This is our future in the making!


McDonald Observatory photo by Damond Benningfield, provided by the University of Texas at Austin.

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