NEXT Healing Mass: None in August.
Healing Prayer teams will be available
August 13 at 7:00 PM


Mobile & Email Phishing Scam There have been many reports of both email & texting scams happening within parishes of the diocese this past week.Parishioners have been receiving text messages & emails claiming to be from their pastor asking for assistance.

These were sent from unknown accounts.However, the use of the pastor’s name caused individuals to believe it was, in fact, “Father” who was reaching out to them. Unfortunately some diocesan parishioners have lost money to this scam as they were tricked into purchasing gift cards for a fake cause. 

At the encouragement of the SD Attorney General’s Office, we urge all parishioners to be mindful: Father Scott Traynor (the parish office), or other priests will never ask for favors, money or gift cards via text message or email.

If you receive a text or email asking for money or gift cards, you should always call the parish office to verify. You can also report it to the SD Attorney General’s office at 1-800-300-1986. Their office is investigating this scam.