Directions for Using the "Annual Awareness Curriculum" Program

Safe Environment Training


1.    Please go to

2.    Begin Registration Process

3.    Please use username format: lastnamefirstnamemiddle.  ie: “cheslowbillk

4.    Create a password.  PLEASE REMEMBER FOR FUTURE USE.

5.    Drop down—“Sacred Heart School-Yankton – Yankton

6.    Click on “2019 Awareness Curriculum”.  Next

7.    Video begins:  “A Safe Haven Starts at Home”.  (20 min.).

8.    Click on “Awareness Notes”.  Complete

9.    Click on “Code of Conduct”.  Button at bottom “Curriculum Completed”

10. Click on “Acknowledgement Questions.  Button at bottom.  “Curriculum Completed”.



Background Check  (not required, unless instructed by Dr. Mulhair).


1.    Follow Steps #1-4 from above.

2.    Choose “Optional Training Curriculum”.  “Criminal Background Check icon.