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Unified Campaign

Sacred Heart and Saint Benedict Parishes United Catholic Campaign

One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit ... in Christ

We are One Church, we are One Family. In a word, we are Catholic --Unified in answering the call to be disciples of Jesus Christ in our families, in our parishes and for our communities. 

In tile last twenty years the Yankton Catholic Community has undertaken a challenge that most communities shy away from. That challenge is a complete reinvestment in our faith through sacrifice and perseverance. The challenge took the form of new facilities that would replace ones that had become aged and inadequate. The new facilities are now finished and are beautiful. But what they represent is more beautiful still. They represent the vision of a community that became a plan; a plan that became a project and a project that is now a constant reminder of the dedication of Yankton Catholics to their faith community. 

Since 1996 the Yankton Catholic Community has accomplished the following goals: 
  • Construction of St. Benedict Church (Completed 1996) Construction of a new rectory for St. Benedict Church (1996) Construction of SHS Elementary School site at St. Benedict Parish (Finished 2002) 
  • Construction of a new rectory for Sacred Heart Church (2005) Replaced flat roof on St. Benedict Parish (2011) 
  • Construction of new community center for Sacred Heart Parish (2011) 
  • Construction of new parish offices for Sacred Heart Parish (2011) Construction of new SHS Middle School Education Center (2011) 
This is an awe inspiring index of cooperation and generosity. In 20 years, this community has accomplished a lot. With the success of this final campaign the Yankton Catholic Community will have retired all its debt by the year 2020. That is our vision for the future ... our 20/20 Vision!