Our Blue Ribbon Team has become a financial support system to further enhance the future of

our educational needs at Sacred Heart School.  Being a member of the team, helps to continue

our mission of providing a quality Catholic Education.  Sacred Heart School relies on the dollars

from the Blue Ribbon program to meet budgetary needs of not only daily expenses, tuition

costs, but to also provide dollars for additional programs to enhance our kids learning.  

Thank you to the following members of our Blue Ribbon team for their generosity in supporting Sacred Heart School:

Blue Ribbon Team

Gold Sponsors:

Tony & Lorraine Bour

Michael & Arlyne Brim

Carlton P. Hermann

Dan & Paula Hicks

Randy & Linda Johnson


Silver Sponsors:

Dick Hunhoff

Robert & Lori Stephenson



Bronze Sponsors:

David & Gina Abbott

Jon & Michelle Baumann

Thomas & Anne Buttolph

William & Patricia Cerny

William & Cyndi Dendinger

Phil & Evie Dohn

Tim & Susan Fanta

James & Sheila Fitzgerald

Gail & Debra Gubbels

Mike & Gerrie Healy

Bronze Sponsors:

Wayne & Lori Ibarolle

Leo & Carol Kopetsky

Danny Lammers

Larry & Lori Leader

Mount Marty University

Jeff & Jolene Pravacek

Justin & Andrea Siemonsma

Steve & YaVonne Slowey

Calvin & Lynn Starzl

Brian & Marie Steward

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