A Brief History of Yanco All Servicemen's Club
In 1945, while many Servicemen were home on christmas leave the opportunity was taken to discuss the formation of an ex-servicemen's club in Yanco. Consequently a meeting was held at the Yanco Hall on Thursday, 3rd January, 1946. It was moved by Mac Waring & seconded by W. Jones that a club be formed to be known as Yanco All Servicemen's Club.
The Office bearers were elected as follows :
President: Arthur Thompson
Secretary: Tom Thorp
Treasurer: Hubie Mooney
Vice Presidents: Irish O'Donohue, Mac Waring
Committee: Charlie Thomas, Bill Drury, Gus Bullock, Dave Davies,
Gorden Marshal, Harold Ottley, Harold Day, Les Dodds, Ron Bickett,
Bert Clayton, Harry Currey, Bill Smith
The Club as it stands today occupies the original site which was a garage owned by Tom MacPharland. MacPharland sold the garage to the club after the club had leased the garage for two years for the sum of 400 pounds.
Two Years later the club was extended by purchasing an army hut that had been used as an army post office in Narrandera during the war.
Later as membership increasesd the hut was demolished and concrete walls erected.  The roof was extended the full length of the land as it is today.  In 1958 the building was modernised and extended with the foundation stone being laid by then governer of NSW Sir John Northcott.  The building was officially opened by Colonel Ramsey. In 1963 after the Club decided to accept women as associate members, a second storey was added to the club building which incoporated a ladies lounge, auditorium and a dinning room.
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