Soccer News for EY Panther Futbol

2017 East Yancey Panther Soccer (Futbol)  Tryouts

Coach: Ric Cedergren 208-1960

see EYMS school web soccer site for most current info.

Change in Tryout time and date (due in part, to TVSA Soccer Camp and field time conflicts)

Tryouts for EY Panthers:  Monday, August 14th  @ 11:00 - 12:30 pm on the EY football field.

  • Tryouts open to all 6th through 8th grade students.  Physicals must be on file prior to try-outs.

Coach Philosophy: I want to coach players who want to develop their abilities and their understanding of the game. Players hoping to make the team must understand that they should be working on ball control every day. I can not develop technically competitive players in a month , though we will try. I can not develop super conditioned athletes in a month either, but we will try. I want to coach players who love the game and who will work to develop their own game as well as the team's game. This is a brief two months in what I hope is will be a long and rewarding soccer experience over the next several years. We will foster the love of the game and attempt to win games playing. Our style of play will utilize the abilities of all of our players. Those players looking for an after school program or

If you make the team: there are some financial costs to consider common to (or less than) all competitive school sports.

  1. Players will need to bring or purchase  black shorts and black soccer socks to be worn at each game. These are not provided by the school.

  2. Players will need to provide and wear shin guards to all practices and games.

  3. Players will need soccer shoes.  

  4. Players will need to bring a water bottle (large) to practices and games.

  5. Home and away pre or postgame meals are not provided by the school.  

  • Panther FC Jerseys will be loaned at no cost to all players who make the team. These uniforms will remain at school at all times when not in use. They will be washed at school before each game.

  • I anticipate 12 to 15 games in this upcoming season.   

  • A Personalized Panthers FC warm up shirt and/or Jacket will be offered: each for a cost of $35.00 You may order either one or choose not to purchase.

We will choose the best 16-20 players on the pitch. Boys or Girls grades 6-8. Players will be chosen based on demonstrated:

1) technical skills 2) tactical knowledge (demonstrated) know your position! 3) positive team attitude 4) Athleticism 5) good sportsmanship (demonstrated).

Players may be released from the team for the following reasons:

  • Any absence or early dismissal, that is not pre-approved

  • Failing grades (unless student is actively participating in remediation)

  • Any type of In or Out of school suspension.  

  • Parent or Guardian has not met with coach in person, prior to the season.

  • Player does not have a reliable means to get home after practices M-Th (4:45) or games, or player’s ride home is not present at designated time. Player may be dropped after the 2nd such occurrence.

  • A player talking back to a referee or receiving a Red Card from a ref on more than one occasion

  • All forms are not completed prior to the beginning of the season.  

  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct

  • Not coming to practice with water, soccer shoes or shin guards. (after 3rd offence).

More information will follow for players who make the team.  My cell number (for parents use only) is 208-1960.  Work number 682-2281 EYMS - Coach Ric Cedergren 208-1960

Additionally, we will stop for dinner on our return from AWAY games farther from home. I anticipate 3 to 4 games of this nature. For these games, students must consider the cost of dinner which is typically $8 to $12 dollars. The school does not provide this. Students have the option of bringing a sack dinner from home.  

OPTION: I will order pre-home game meals and meals for away games close to Burnsville for players. For this OPTION, I will offer to collect $50.00 from each player at the beginning of the school year.  I will order from Bubba’s, Hog Holler pizza or similar.  A veggie option will always be offered.  This OPTION of getting a meal ordered by the team will not be offered throughout the year. It is a convenience offered only to those pre-paying at the beginning of the year.  I will send out a notice after try-outs.  

PARENTS: MOMS AND DADS -  Additional things to ponder after the team has been picked:

Coaching Philosophy regarding parent participation: Once the team is chosen, I will have a parent meeting. We need parents to participate in several different ways to have a successful season. Some of the ways you can help are listed below:

1) No coaching from the stands. It is also good practice to not analyse a game with your player immediately after a game. wait a day .

2) If you love photography: I need parents to help document our year. We can create our own photo journal of the season and contribute photos to the newspaper and the EY yearbook. This can not happen without great photos.

3) If you write well and know soccer: Articles to the newspaper promoting our sport and analyzing our games. I would like a public notice to go out inviting people to support us at all home games.

4) If you know soccer, and are a good speaker: Announcer for home games. I will be begging Chris Brocci to announce our home games, however, there is always room for another in the press box.

5) Concession stands: I need adults to manage the concession stand for each of our approximately 4-7 home games. The more we sell, the more we have for awards and soccer equipment.

6) If you know and love soccer: I can always use help supervising soccer practices.

Regardless of whether a player makes the middle school team, all players should consider playing for a fall Toe Valley Soccer youth league recreation or competitive team.  See back of form

Summer and Fall Soccer opportunities

TVSA-Toe Valley Soccer Association

TVSA Soccer CAMP will be held on August 14th, 15th and 17th at Cane River Park from 6 to 7:30 for ages (4-13) I will be watching or participating in this event.  Most EY players will also choose to play on a youth league rec or competitive team as well. This is a tremendous program for developing players who do not make the middle school teams.   

Toe Valley Soccer Association

PO Box 694

Burnsville, North Carolina 28714

Phone : 828-536-0390


The more soccer, the better and the TVSA coaches are excellent.  

Consider soccer camps this summer

App State Junior Elite Camp (U10-U14 - June 17th-19th)

You can find out further details and register at the link below.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Shaun  Appalachian State University   Assistant Men's Soccer Coach (C) 980-210-8587

ABYSA Soccer camps - $225 (rec) to $265 (classic) per week (day camps)

Mike Noonan's Clemson Tiger Soccer Camp $600 for four days

Asheville Shield Football Club  $150 per day

Soccer Day Camps – Summer 2017 - Trainers are Asheville City Soccer players

June 13 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (tryouts conducted separately during first two hours)

June 15 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (tryouts conducted separately during first two hours)

June 27 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

June 29 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Memorial Stadium, home of the Asheville City Soccer Club

Ric Cedergren,
Aug 18, 2015, 9:18 AM