Soccer News for EY Panther Futbol

Photographs by Britt Kaufmann

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Panther Soccer is being noticed.

Panthers are now 12- 0

2017 East Yancey Panther Soccer Club

Coach: Ric Cedergren

8th Grade Boys are invited to warm up with the High School Cougar team next Wednesday 10/25 at 4pm for the Avery v. Cougar home game that starts at 5pm.  Wear Panther Pull-overs.  

Shout Out to Panther Cheerleaders. Wish you could be with us on our away games

Panthers had a great game against our cross town Rebel soccer friends
Great passing all around and good shots by eight different Panther players. Good play by Cane River as well.

** To play soccer at a high level, players need to have a ball at their feet every day. After practice, in the morning, during the summer, during holiday breaks, indoor in the winter, etc. All great players have this discipline. Juggle, pass against the wall to work on kicking and receiving passes, join as many Pick up games as you can and by all means play for Toe Valley Soccer Association - Rec or Competitive levels. Our middle school team results are due in large part, to the work of players and coaches in our TVSA youth league.
Next game: Tuesday, October 3rd against West McDowell 5pm at the McDowell softball field.

Teams in Bold Letters indicates the location of the game.

1) Tuesday Sept 5 th East Yancey @ Mitchell A 5:00 -
Panthers 8, Mitchell A team 0 - Cesar - Player of the Match -
Captains: Aaron and Cesar                   

2) Wednesday Sept 6 th Avery @ East Yancey 5:00
Panthers 6, Avery Varsity 0 - Turner - Player of the Match -
Captains: Leif and Turner

3) Friday Sept 8 th Mitchell A @ East Yancey 5:00
Panthers 7, Mitchell A 0- Rigel - Player of the Match -
Captains: Rigel and Mark

4) Thursday Sept 14 th Providence vs East Yancey 5:30
Panthers 4, Providence Academy 2 - Moises Player of the Match -
Captains: Mike and Michel

5) Friday              Sept 15th Avery2 @CRpark time 4:30
 ( at CR park - not the CR football field)
Panthers 9, Avery 0, Aaron - Player of the Match -
Captains: Cesar and Mark

6) Wednesday Sept 20 th Mitchell B @ East Yancey 5:00
Panthers 5, Mitchell JV 0 Vaughn - Player of the Match
Captains: Aaron and Michel

7) Thursday Sept 21 East Yancey @ Cane River 5:00
Panthers 9, Cane River 0. Fernando = Player of the Match -Hat Trick
Captains: Vaughn and Max Smoker

8) Tuesday Sept 26 th Cane River @ East Yancey 5:00
Panthers 8, Cane River 2 Hard to Say = Lynlee Player of the Match well rounded play
Captains: Leif and Turner

9) Thursday Sept 28 th East Yancey @ Mitchell B or A 5:30
Panthers 8, Mitchell B 0 Mike Player of the Match
Captains: Fernando and Moises

10) Tuesday Time change from 5:30 to 5pm Oct 3 rd East Yancey @ West McDowell 5:00
Panthers 7, West McDowell 0 Oscar - Player of the Match
Captains: Oscar and Eli

11) Wednesday 10/11 East Yancey @ Avery Now 5pm (not 6:30)
Panthers 2, Avery Varsity 1 Leif and Turner - Players of the match

12) Monday 10/16 5pm East Yancey @ Carolina Day - 2351 Sweeten Creek road
Toughest Match of the Year.  Like our last match, scoring against a good team is not easy.  We had some shots on goal including a long "DownTown," shot by Turner, but nothing would go in. Then before half, Fernando stepped up and kicked a blazing ball just left of the perfect lower left corner.  Carolina's goalie was a huge 5' 10" player and around 160 pounds. Our strikers knew to shoot low. Our defense had to be careful as well.  Carolina Day had two very lethal forwards. One on the left and a tall center mid with a big foot.  Vaughn saved us in the first half with several stops and it was Max's duty to do the same in the second.  He did, but we still could not score.  Finally, Manuel who was playing tough throughout the second half, passed the ball to Leif. Leif dribbled past two defenders who never know what happened and kicked a ball from the top of the box that sliced through and into the lower left corner for the game winning goal.  Everyone played their best.   Great Game, Great Season to a deserving group. Captains of the Year, Turner and Leif - Player of the Match: Leif.      

Wednesday 9/6 game was announced by TVSA Coach Oscar Weinmeister and Mike and Mechelle Akers.
Friday 9/8 game was announced by:  Teacher of the Year - Chris Brocci
Wednesday 9/20 announced by Chris Brocci
Tuesday Panther Pride game 9/26 announced by Chris Brocci  
Thanks to Ashley Gragg for driving the bus to Carolina Day.  
Thanks to Rene Smith for riding the bus to away games and for organizing the raffle.  

Special thanks to Coach Dr. Chad Smoker for running practices for the Panthers on the past two Fridays. Dr. Smoker is directly responsible for the development of many of our players over the past several years and holds the highest coaching credentials of any coach in our county.  
  • Meals organized and delivered by Alisha Martin
  • Calendars designed and printed by Rene Smith
  • Photography by Britt Kaufmann
  • Laundry by many.

My cell number (for parents use only) is 208-1960.  Work number 682-2281 EYMS - Coach Ric Cedergren 208-1960

Additionally, we will stop for dinner on our return from AWAY games farther from home. I anticipate 3 to 4 games of this nature. For these games, students must consider the cost of dinner which is typically $8 to $12 dollars. The school does not provide this. Students have the option of bringing a sack dinner from home.  

Regardless of whether a player makes the middle school team, all players should consider playing for a fall Toe Valley Soccer youth league recreation or competitive team.  

Please see the Office or PE Department for Sports Physical Forms