Soccer News for EY Panther Futbol

Photographs by Britt Kaufmann

Head Coach: Ric Cedergren

Take a look at WKYK Sports web page - Panthers are now 7- 0

Panthers vs. West McDowell

Home Stretch is this week. Tomorrow is on so far. We might get a little wet, but if McDowell does not cancel, we will plan to bring a towel and have fun.

When? Tuesday 10/9- 5 pm

Where: West McDowell - Near softball field - entrance to WMMS - parking in grass at nature trail

We will leave school as close to 3:45 as possible.

On the way home we will stop at McDonald's for a quick meal. Bring $7 to $10

Away: 5pm West McDowell - no charge at their gate- must leave at 3:45 pm

Thursday 10/11 8th Grade Boys practice with the High School dates - Leave school at 2:50 pm

Joey Dahlberg will stay at East Yancey and work with the 6th and 7th grade players on the Football field.

Friday 10/12 -One more time: Final soccer scrimmage and family meal of the year. Details to follow, but we will be on the Football field on Friday from 3:15 until 5:00. I will play music and announce a parents and students scrimmage (after a quick warm up). We will break to clean up and have a meal and reflect on the season and what is next on our soccer futures. Perhaps indoor? This has to be an early finish (5pm) because many families have commitments later on Friday evening. So parents if you are at home or can leave work early on Friday, please come and join us.

Tuesday: Panthers 1, Mitchell 0

Wednesday: Panthers 1, Madison 0

Wow, our last two home games were nail biters and too close for comfort. So many of our players stepped up yesterday. I really have a hard time singling out players. I will focus on our 8th graders but I can not leave out Dylan S. he was instrumental in both games. We can't lose if our defense doesn't allow a goal. Let's start there. Coach Smoker has used most of his Friday practices working on defending. This is what separates us from our competition. We have knowledgeable and skilled players in our backfield. Starting with Vaughn our calm and smart goal keeper who knows what and when to command, and equally sharp Dylan S. Dylan is also calm, quiet, steady and always there. In front of him is Moises, our fastest player who has sick skills and who is simply everywhere. This is our core. On the sides are a sure footed Eli who also plays a smart game and was spot on these past two games. Jose is toughness combined with foot skills on the other side. And, new comer Edgar while lacking experience has added to this defensive core with effort, toughness and skills that get better every day. This is why we haven't lost. Both teams this week had players who were dangerous scorers. They were simply no match for for this defense.

On offense, we had a different challenge. To prove to ourselves that we are not just an average team in a developing conference we needed to win against tough defenses and to beat a non-conference team from a larger conference. We needed to combine and to find creative ways to score. An under the weather Max, an offensive leader for us all year, was fading on Tuesday and could not play on Wednesday. This really created drama for us that perhaps we needed. On Tuesday, Manuel stepped up and secured our win, joining Max in the middle and assuming the lead role and knocking in the winning goal. On Wednesday, our Batman and Robin act, Fernando and Oscar, two skilled ball handlers who know each other like brothers, combined for a gorgeous goal. Fernando expertly kicked a corner kick and Oscar headed it into the goal like he was playing darts. A demonstration of skill that left Madison dumbfounded.

Out on the wings we have had great athleticism. Jayden, can run all day and nobody no matter what size gets the better of him. Daniel plays with intensity and got better every day (where was he last year)? Polly came back this year not only to be on the team, she came back to play. Yacid scored at Cane River and had a terrific corner kick (who knew).

I know I am trying to focus on only 8th graders, but Lynlee not only kept up with the boys, she past them up. I am reminded of a Mia Hamm quote everytime I see her play:

“My coach said I ran like a girl, I said if he could run a little faster he could too”

Mia Hamm

One more game to go. I am looking forward to a game on Tuesday to seal this season. Go Panthers.

Players of the match:

  • For Tuesday's game against Mitchell: Manuel and Max (for hanging in there)
  • For Wednesday's game: Our defence: Vaughn, Moises, Dylan S., Eli, Jose and Edgar
  • And play of the game: Fernando and Oscar for the beautiful game winning corner kick header.

Factoid: These last two games are the only two games in the past 5 years that I have not been able to put every single player on the field during a match. So sorry, I really try. Hopefully, we will all play on Tuesday.


Thursday 9/6 Home: Avery 5pm EY 6 Avery 0 / post game EY 1 Avery 0

Very solid game all around. Nice passing and crossing going on up front. Players were playing unselfishly and still taking shots when they were there. Manuel had a poster goal in the second half. Max could not be stopped and Caleb our 6th graders put two in the net as well. Defensively we could not be scored on. Our returning starters, Dylan, Moises and Eli, were solid, but new players Edgar and Jose were very impressive. We need to keep more depth and width in our middle. Good games all around. Player of the Match: Manuel

Thursday 9/13 Home : Cane River 5pm EY 7 CR 2 no post game

Another solid performance: This was more of a friendly match. Our primary goal was to play good soccer. Several of our starters were given tasks to improve their play that included "Not scoring." I am sure this was a little frustrating, but I really wanted to build the confidence of whole team. Our goals were to keep our outside players wide and to explore ways of scoring off of a series of passes instead of taking a questionable shot at the first opportunity. We had a nice spread of goals. All seven goals were as follows: Vaughn, Jayden, Lynlee, Jorge, Fernando, Oscar and the goal of the match; a header by Daniel off of a perfectly placed pass from Mad Max. This was beautiful, since Max made the decision to make the pass instead of going for the goal on his free kick attempt.

Player of the Match: Max

Tuesday 9/18 Away Avery (at the high school) at 6:45pm (Pick up at EY-west gate 9:15pm) Score EY 4 Avery 0 Post game was 0-0

We were definitely the dominant team, though the first half score was close. We might have out played them on possession, but ultimately a team has to score to win and that is where Mad Max came in last night. After securing a Brace by Max, Manual and Caleb added one each for a 4-nil win. Great play on the left side between Jayden and Manuel all through the first half until a McDonald's overdose (how many McNuggets?) rendered Jayden inoperable. Overall, our corps defense is very tough, but there is a lot to work on. Jose, Smith, Eli, Edgar and Moises backed by Vaughn are very imposing.

Player of the Match: Max

Thursday 9/20 Surprise! Best game of the year. Mitchell was a big surprise. Though we once again dominated on possession, we were way too nice in terms of not being aggressive about scoring. Everyone was passing instead of taking the open shot. As a result, we had a very difficult time scoring on their defense, particularly their goalie. Manuel had some close calls. We ended up 1 to 1 at half. Then, we had a little talk about not being so nice (about scoring), at half and agreed as a team to get at least 4 more goals. Moises got us started in the 2nd half with the goal of the game; a 30 yard perfectly placed free kick. But then they came back and did the same from a shorter distance. After that, it was all Panthers. In the end, Max, Manuel, Moises, and Vaughn all had goals. Oscar had two.

Player of the Match: Moises - outstanding Free kick and defense

Tuesday 9/25 Cane River. Wow, have they improved. Cane River came to play. We played almost a full half until we decided to take control of this game. Fernando scored fairly early, but it took awhile for Max to extend the lead going into the half. We played a lot of players off of the bench, but they are solid players so this did not really give the Rebels any relief. Braydan scored, Jorge scored, Yacid scored and Dylan (6th grader) scored. Add Max's brace and a goal from Manuel and we ended up with an 8-0 finish that felt like 3-0. Branden and Jorge were looking great together on offense. It reminded me of Oscar and Fernando last year. Once again, the real story is our defense. Coach Smoker has been emphasizing defense all year and it has paid off. Next week will be our biggest test. Back to back games

If you make the team: there are some financial costs to consider common to (or less than) all competitive school sports.

    1. Players will need to bring or purchase black shorts and black soccer socks to be worn at each game. These are not provided by the school.
    2. Players will need to provide and wear shin guards to all practices and games.
    3. Players will need soccer shoes.
    4. Players will need to bring a water bottle (large) to practices and games.
    5. Home and away pre or post game meals are not provided by the school
      • Kits (Jerseys) will be loaned at no cost to all players who make the team.
      • I anticipate 8 to 12 games in this upcoming season.
      • Each player will be asked to purchase A Personalized Panthers FC warm up Jacket (cost will be approximately $40.00).

Pick up time for practices is 4:45 on the upper (baseball field) practice field.

Practice Schedule: Tuesdays, Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays. NO PRACTICES on Mondays.

Regardless of whether a player makes the middle school team, all players should consider playing for a fall Toe Valley Soccer youth league recreation or competitive team.

Eric (Ric) Cedergren - EY Panther Coach

Players may be released from the team for the following reasons:

    • Any absence or early dismissal, that is not pre-approved or excused
    • Failing grades (unless student is actively participating in remediation)
    • Any type of In or Out of school suspension.
    • Parent or Guardian has not met with coach in person, prior to the season.
    • Player does not have a reliable means to get home after practices Tues.-Friday (4:45) or games, or player’s ride home is not present at designated time. Player may be dropped after the 2nd such occurrence.
    • A player talking back to a referee or receiving a Red Card from a ref on more than one occasion.
    • All forms are not completed prior to the beginning of the season.
    • Any unsportsmanlike conduct

2017 East Yancey Panther Soccer Club

Coach: Ric Cedergren

Shout Out to Panther Cheerleaders. Wish you could be with us on our away games

** To play soccer at a high level, players need to have a ball at their feet every day. After practice, in the morning, during the summer, during holiday breaks, indoor in the winter, etc. All great players have this discipline. Juggle, pass against the wall to work on kicking and receiving passes, join as many Pick up games as you can and by all means play for Toe Valley Soccer Association - Rec or Competitive levels. Our middle school team results are due in large part, to the work of players and coaches in our TVSA youth league.

Special thanks to Coach Dr. Chad Smoker for running practices for the Panthers on Fridays. Dr. Smoker is directly responsible for the development of many of our players over the past several years and holds the highest coaching credentials of any coach in our county.

  • Meals organized and delivered by Subway - Alisha Martin
  • Calendars designed and printed by Rene Smith
  • Photography by Britt Kaufmann
  • Laundry by many.

My cell number (for parents use only) is 208-1960. Work number 682-2281 EYMS - Coach Ric Cedergren 208-1960

Additionally, we will stop for dinner on our return from AWAY games farther from home. I anticipate 3 to 4 games of this nature. For these games, students must consider the cost of dinner which is typically $8 to $12 dollars. The school does not provide this. Students have the option of bringing a sack dinner from home.

Regardless of whether a player makes the middle school team, all players should consider playing for a fall Toe Valley Soccer youth league recreation or competitive team.

Please see the Office or PE Department for Sports Physical Forms