Soccer News for EY Panther Futbol

Perfect Season 10-0
Panthers win against West McDowell 4-0 for a perfect season.
After 10 games: The Total Panther goal count is 61 to opponents 4  
This statistic does not reflect our season, since we held back from running up our score against our opponents in all but the Carolina Day game.  
End of Year: Turn in washed Green and White Jerseys. In return you will receive your Panthers Pull-Over (with name and number)
Panthers are now 10 - 0.
Game 1: Panthers 9 Avery Varsity 0
Player of the Match: Hat Trick Turner
Special mention: Leif for passing, assists and shots on goal   
Game 2: Panthers 7 Avery JV 0.
Player of the Match: Sure foot Rigel
Special mention: Bryan for an amazing run and score before half   
Game 3: Panthers 7 Harris 0.             
Player of the Match: Down town Diego
Special mention: Kevin Special K, is the man on defense
Game 4: Panthers 5 Avery Varsity 0.             
Player of the Match: Bryan- 45 yard goal- awsome defense
Special mention: Michael A. very smart and powerful defensive play
Game 5: Panthers 6 Harris 0.             
Player of the Match: Cool head Luke
Special mention: Miguel - goal and solid defense
Game 6: Panthers 7 Avery JV 0
Player of the Match: Leif -scoring one goal and posession, footwork and passing
Special mention: Ashley Wahlers - first goal of the season and aggressive play.
Game 7: Panthers 6 Providence Academy 1
Players of the Match:
The Elias brothers: Diego and Michel for 5 of the 6 goals
Special Mention: Turner and Leif - for outstanding effort and support
Game 8: Panthers 7 Cane River 1
Player of the Match: Aaron Neighbors - first goal of the season
Special Mention: Cesar for defensive support and smart play at left forward
Game 9: Panthers 3 Carolina Day 2
Player of the Match: Kevin
Game 10: Panthers 4 West McDowell 0
Player of the Match: Bryan Chavez - goalie
Special Mention: Cesar Magana

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* please text us during school hours and games.  Phone calls after 3:15 are fine.  Scroll down to see schedule. 

2016 East Yancey Panther Soccer ( Futbol)  Practice & Games

Coach: Ric Cedergren

Assistant coach: Samantha Murphy

Check EYMS HomePage/Soccer: often as we will post game results, schedule changes and game write ups that often get lost in your child's backpack.

Parents: we need volunteers to help out with the following: Please call Ric 208-1960

1) if you are a natural photographer, we want lots of pictures.  If you have a nice camera set up, we will get you down on the field (if needed).  

2) If you want to keep track of key plays or play by play and write up the games, please do. We may use them to post on our web site.

          My cell number is 208-1960, texting is best.  Work numbers = 682-2202 CRMS and 682-2281 EYMS

Ric Cedergren,
Aug 18, 2015, 9:18 AM