2017-2018 eRate Q & A
E-Rate Form 470 #170048214 
We accept both POTS and VoIP bids.
  1. Would the district consider Hosted VoIP or SIP Trunking for its local and long distance requests? YES
  2. If yes to #1, what is the current phone system in place for the BOE and its E-Rate eligible locations? Varies by School with two schools having just installed new systems

  3. Sites Receiving Funding
  4. Bald Creek Elementary School - 100 Bald Creek School Road, Burnsville, NC 28714
    Micaville Elementary School - 112 State HWY 80 South, Burnsville, NC 28714Bee Log Elementary School, 55 Bee Log Road, Burnsville, NC 28714
    Burnsville Elementary School - 395 Burnsville School Road - Burnsville NC 28714
    Clearmont Elementary School - 1175 Clearmont School Road Burnsville NC 28714
    South Toe Elementary School 139 South Toe Road Burnsville, NC 28714
    Cane River Middle School 1128 Cane River School Road Burnsville, NC 28714
    East Yancey Middle School 285 Georges Fork Road, Burnsville NC, 28714.Yancey County Schools 
    Maintenance Department 
    203 McIntosh Ave. 
    Burnsville, NC 28714
    Yancey County Schools Transportation 
    204 McIntosh Ave. 
    Burnsville, NC 28714

    Yancey County Schools 100 School Circle Burnsville, NC 28714

  5. If yes to #1, how many users does the district have in place? 120
  6. If yes to #1, are your phones SIP compatible? NO
  7. If yes to #1 but to SIP Trunking only, what are the expected amount of peak concurrent calls? NOT SURE
        What is your NPA? 828 for all sites
        What is your NXX? 682; 675; 678

Is your new systems true hosted VoIp? No, analog lines with capability of voice mail going to end users' email addresses.

Do you have a Hosted VoIP compatible system?
No. Infrastructure would need to be upgraded.

What is your eRate Portion of funding?  20% 

How many smartphones vs. basic phones?
7 Smart Phones; 10 basic phones

Average data usage per line per month?

1.368 G per line

1.      Do you have a need for an Auto-Attendant (typically 1 per location)? If yes, how many? 12

2.      Will you need bilingual Auto Attendants? NO

3.      Are the quantities listed on your spreadsheet strictly administrative users? NO

4.      Would like to upgrade to UC for Mobile App/Desktop/Smartphone for any users? If so, how many? NO

5.      Do you require E911 only to the building or directly to each classroom? BUILDING

6.      Will you need time of day routing for teachers? For example, make all external calls (calls not from anyone in the school district) go to voicemail automatically but a secretary can determine if a call is important enough to transfer the parent/caller during class hours. POSSIBLY

7.      Will you need the receptionist/secretaries to monitor calls on multiple user’s lines? NO

8.      Do you have a DID/telephone number assigned to each employee or is each employee assigned an extension? NO

9.      If each employee is assigned a DID/telephone number are you open to porting a few key numbers for the school and then everyone else have an extension? Each employee is not assigned a phone. It varies by school whether or not there is a phone in the classroom.

10.  Are you open to porting the main numbers of each school and then obtaining new DID/numbers for all other users? UNSURE

11.  Will you need wired or wireless headsets? YES

12.  Are you set up for PoE or would you require power supplies for phones? NO

13.  Will you be attaching any analog devices to the network such as cordless phones? Yes

14.  Do you require overhead paging integration? If yes, how many ports and locations? (Many districts want to integrate with existing overhead paging at individual locations. The system provides basic “all call” paging through handsets requiring multi cast on your network.) NO

15.  Will loud speakers be needed for MTCE/Transportation/Warehouse or cafeterias? NO

16.  Are the schools phone bills under 1 phone account with your current voice provider or does each school have its own account number? One provider, but each school has it's own account code