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Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies 

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Focus: World Geography, History and Culture: Patterns of Continuity and Change

Time Period: The Great Global Convergence (1400-1800) to the Present

Interactive Student Notebook

Each student is required to create and maintain an Interactive Student Notebook (ISN). It will be filled with assignments, notes and worksheets that are done in class and at home. It is not only to be kept neat and organized but will need to be brought to class EVERY DAY. It will be picked up randomly throughout the school year (for a grade) with about a week warning before doing so. The best way to be successful with this ISN is to keep it updated and to not get behind on work.

Beginning Class

Students will enter quietly and get their notebook if they do not have it with them.There will be a starter every day at the beginning of class. These starters will be graded every Friday as part of the participation grade. Bring a library book every day for times when you may finish early.

Quizzes and Tests will be given throughout the school year. Large projects that are done will also be placed into one of the two categories.

Missing Work Policies:

  • Work should be turned in ON TIME!!!
  • Points will be taken off of assignments if they are incomplete.
  • If assignment is not turned in on time then 10 points will be taken off each day the assignment is turned in past the due date. Keep in mind that additional points will be deducted if turned in late and not completed (point deductions vary based on assignment).
  • If class is missed, the missing assignment will need to be retrieve from the missing work bin and/or this web page. Then turned in as soon as possible. *Double check with teacher to be sure nothing else is due.


Extra Credit: Opportunities for extra credit will be offered from time to time ranging from classroom items (Kleenex) to assignments. Extra credit is extra work above and beyond the usual homework, not work used to cover up missing work. 



Class Rules and Expectations:

1. Be Prompt (on time)!

  • prompt to class
  • prompt to turn in work
  • prompt to clean up
  • prompt to return from errands 
2. Be prepared!
  • prepared to work and learn
  • prepared for the day

3. Be respectful!

  • respectful to others as well as yourself
  • raise your hand
  • follow directions 
4. Be responsible!
  • be accountable for you own actions 

Unit 1:Social Studies 101

Unit 4 Age of Enlightenment and Revolution

 Age of Revolution 

More Revolution...

F: February 19, 2016-
1. Go through the power point and fill in the study guide

M: February 22, 2016
1. The Agricultural Revolution reading and questions
T: February 23, 2016
1. Inventions/Inventors Graphic organizers
 W: February 24, 2017
Rappin' Inventions
M: February 29, 2016
T: March 1, 2016
Child Labor 
W: March 2, 2016  *2 hour delay
Labor Unions and New Laws 
Th: March 3, 2016 
Math Ski Trip
F: March 4, 2016
M: March 7, 2016
1. Finish Effects notes (listed above)
2. Take Home Quiz
T: March 8, 2016
1. Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism 
W: March 9, 2016
TEST on Industrial Revolution
Video Segments MANKIND The Story of Us
TH: March 10, 2016
March 11, 2016
Imperialism and Africa Questions & map exercise

March 14-18, 2016
M:Finish Imperialism in Africa
W:"Social Darwinism"
Th: Drama Trip/Make up work Day
F: "White Mans Burden" Rudyard Kipling 
March 21-25
T: 1. The Opium Wars
F: Half day
March 27-April 1
Spring Break
April 4-8
M: Imperialism in India P.P. 
and Questions
W: Finish Imperialism
 Review/ Jeopardy 
European Imperialism Quizlet
TH: Open-Note Test on Imperialism
F: Field Trip Discovery Place
April 11-15
M: 1.Finish Test
Effects of War video
TH: "All Quiet on the Western Front" reading
Visualize Activity
  F: Reading Field Trip
April 18-22
M: Field Trip
T: Christmas Truce
Finish Trench Warfare
W: Zimmermann Telegram- Primary Source & Questions
TH: 1/2 Day
Stations- War Ends
Test (Monday) Review
April  25-29
M: WW 1 Unit Test
T: Dictators Rise to Power
 May 2-6

May 9-13
W: Test
 Final Exam Review Items