Mrs. Sapp's Science Class


Born in Virginia, I moved to Yancey County in 2007 to become a part of the East Yancey Middle School family.  My husband, dog, and I live in the South Toe area and enjoy  hiking in the beautiful mountains. 

Camp Alice


 B.A.,  Elementary Education, University of South Florida

 M.Ed., Science Education, Lesley University 


 I believe that science is the key to a successful and independent future. My goal is to help students achieve their personal best in the classroom through active science studies, which includes hands-on/minds-on inquiry, data collection, and  relating those experiments to real-world situations. Students will learn how scientists work as a team through research and communication with each other.  Ultimately, I want my students to realize their future is in their own making:  today, in high school, in college, and in their chosen profession.

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