Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts

Welcome to 7th grade Reading! When my children were small I constantly read to them. One of our favorite series of books always started out with these words, "Reading is the special key to take you where you want to be!" Are there really any words more true than these? Reading can take me to Tulsa, Oklahoma where I can back track in time to be a greaser or a Soc. Or, I can go even farther back in time to the 1830s and form my own opinion on the guilt of Frankie Silver. Just in case you don't know... Frankie Silver is said to be the first woman hanged in the state of NC. However, she really is not the first; she is just famously known as the first. This is a local legend revolving around the killing and dismemberment of Frankie's husband Charlie. He is buried in 3 separate graves in Kona, NC. These are just a few examples of the literature your child will be reading in my room this year. They are excellent books and I would love for you to read them along with us. I am excited about teaching your child, and I am looking forward to a fabulous year! 
April Woody,
Jul 31, 2017, 8:08 AM