Welcome to Middle School Drama
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." 
--William Shakespeare

East Yancey and Cane River students are offered a choice of one music class, and then choose Art or Drama.  Sixth graders take Art one semester, and Drama the next, but seventh and eighth grade chooses between Art and Drama.

In Drama class, we express ourselves through the art of acting.  Many children who do not feel comfortable speaking in public feel very comfortable on stage, because they are able to don a costume and become a different character - someone completely different from them, with different goals, dreams, and ideals.  

Drama teaches children to work collaboratively in groups, and to enjoy working individually.  Because students start with nothing but a script, and work their way through adding technical elements, making character choices, and taking constructive criticism from their peers and director, students learn the value of seeing a project through to the very end, and finishing what they start.  

This year we will be working on several grade-level productions throughout the year--a 6th grade play in the Fall, and a musical (combining with Chorus) in the Spring,  two 7th grade plays, and an 8th grade play.