NOTICE: Next Driver's Ed. Bookwork Class will begin
 May 5- June 2, 9:00-3:00 
Cohort 3 for 2017-18 School Year

Driver Education Class will begin May 5 in the Science Computer Lab at MHHS.  Tom Surber, Certified Driver’s Education Instructor, will be teaching the class. Applications will be received by Mrs. Laws in the main office by 12:00 on May 2. Students need to bring $40 cash to the first class. The students will use their own chromebooks to access Powerlearning for this class.


Students are expected to be at every class.  Absences are not permitted unless it is a family emergency, illness or school related activity.  In that case the absence will have to be made up or the student will be dropped from the class. No refunds are permitted so student will reapply and have to pay again at the time of reapplication. . (If you make the class and decide not to take the class by not showing up or you drop out of the class, you will not be eligible to take the next class.  You will have to wait until class after next to take the class. It is not fair for those who are old enough for the class to be bumped out by someone who decides not to take the class or drops out of the class)

Driver Education does not have an ISS program.  If the student breaks the rules they WILL forfeit their right to take Driver Education.

Please coordinate student Pickup each day of Class   in upper parking lot near Science Wing Entrance.

Home school and MECHS students may fax to 828-682-4287 by 12:00 on May 2. The 30 oldest students will make the class.  Home school students and MECHS students will have to call Tom Surber  @ MHHS (682-6103 ) to see if you made the list.


Upon successful completion of the book work class and eye exam, Tom Surber will pass off the Driving certificate to Mrs. Toro to be added to the list for driving portion.  Mrs. Toro will contact book work graduates to schedule their driving.  According to the new NC law, students will drive according to their date of birth with older students going first within a specific class session.  DO NOT call Mrs. Toro, Mr. McKinney, or Mr. Cooper and ask to be moved up on the driving list, it will not happen.  

 Book work Class

$40 Driver Education Fee will be taken the first day of class. (Cash Only)

If Bad Weather check the website for cancellation notice.

You must fill out an application each time you apply for Driver Education. If you apply and do not make the class you must apply for the next class. We do not automatically put you in the next class. (We do not know if students move, cannot take a class due to prior commitments, etc.) If we do not get an application we assume you cannot take the class for some reason.

Driving portion of Driver Education is based on age. Oldest drive first and we must complete the previous book work class before we start driving the next class. Please don't call the school. Mrs. Jennifer Toro will call you to schedule you to drive. 

NOTE: Out of fairness and longstanding, graduates from the May, June, & October classes driving list will be exhausted BEFORE this class begins to drive.  Thanks for your patience.  

Cohort 3, SY 17-18 Book Work Class 
(Saturday 9:00-3:00 in Science Computer Lab)

Class Schedule

Approximate Itinerary: 

May 5 - Unit 1 
May 12 - Unit 2
May 19 - Unit 3
May 26 - Unit 4
June 2- Handbook & Test

2 Unexcused absences will result in class failure---no refunds will be granted because another student could have taken your seat in the class---separate payment will be required each time) $40.00 cash required upfront to Tom Surber on first day of class---no checks---must be cash---student will receive a receipt)

***No refunds are issued for any reason