Welcome to Mrs. Miller's 7th Grade Science Class! 

We will be using this website to share links and files, post homework, and make announcements. 

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5/17 - Review (Refresh) for the Science Final Exam on Tue. May 23  It is time to show what we know!!!


    Five Good Ways to Review:

        1.  Review Science (Orange, Green, Blue, or Red) Folder - foldables, notes, drawings, etc.

        2.  Use on-line Links (menu on sidebar) - those with pink numbers are the best and don't forget the notes and quizlets in Test Prep Links

        3.  Watch Youtube videos by Mr. Parr and others - some links are on this site

        4.  Watch Discovery Education video clips - use old assignments or Science Techbook

        5.  Use the textbook and purple pages list to review drawings and diagrams - see me for textbook and purple page sheet


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Supplemental Classroom Information: