Spring 2018 Middle School Golf

2018 Spring EYMS/CRMS

Parents and players,

2018 Golf Schedule

Practices: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

April Practices at Mt. Air - first two weeks at the learning center- last week on course

May Practices at Mt. Mitchell

All practices 4pm to 5:30

Only 4 players attend tournaments- Lowest 3 scores count


 Tuesday, April 24             @ Mt. Air         hosted by Cane River

 Monday, April 30              @ Grassy Creek         hosted by Harris

 Thursday, May 3               @ Mt. Glen                hosted by Cranberry

 Monday, May 7                  @ Mt. Mitchell          hosted by East Yancey

 Monday, May 14                 @ Grassy Creek         hosted by Bowman

 Thursday, May 17              @ Mt. Glen                hosted by Avery

 All matches will start at 3:30 unless otherwise specified

  • It has also been requested that we not have tournaments on Wednesdays due to church.

Players will need to arrange for transportation to and from the weekly optional practices

at Mt. Air or Mt. Mitchell golf courses. It is best for parents to stay at Mt. Air for practices. It takes about 15-20 minutes just to get up the mountain to the learning center.

Water bottles are required. Middle school Golfers do not ride in carts- they walk and carry their clubs.

Transportation to and from Mt. Glen tournaments will be provided for those players chosen to play in a tournament.  

During all practices and tournaments, a pair of nice pants (no jeans or holes), a shirt with a collar and closed toe shoes, are required by all golf courses. Be prepared for some running and fitness drills. Again, no hoodies, sloppy gym shoes, blue jeans or sweat pants (Nice Nike/Adidas etc. trainer pants are fine). Preferred clothing is Khaki pants or shorts, collar shirt, collar jackets.

Please call Coach Ric Cedergren 208-1960 or Coach McCart 704-213-7355,  if you have questions

MOUNTAIN AIR COUNTRY CLUB, 337 Club House Dr, Burnsville, NC 28714

We will meet at 4:30pm outside the pro shop. Players may show up before and use the putting green until all families are represented. We will stay at the clubhouse until 4:50 and then drive to the Learning center to hit from the "driving bays" until 5:30 or later (player may leave any time after 5:30, no later than 6 pm.

Parent will receive additional paper work including concussion awareness and no hazing policy forms.

Also, parents will be highly encouraged to exchange contact information to facilitate car pooling

The shirt off your back: To keep costs down, we will not be ordering team shirts or hats this year. If you can not find your shirt or if you do not have one, you can order the shirt below on Amazon. Make sure to check with the coaches first. There may be a high school golfer who will donate their shirt this year.  If you choose to purchase, the Amazon shirt is a grey polo at a great price.  Next year we will be ordering new team shirts.  This year we will color coordinate.  If you have a team shirt from last year, you do not need to order.  

Also, this year if you do not have a team hat from last year, the black Opromo Cap is also a great deal.  



Amazon Essentials Men’s Tech Stretch Polo Shirt- Grey (for both Cane River and East Yancey) 

Price:$15.00 Free Shipping for Prime Members & FREE Returns

Opromo Baseball Cap Hat,Running Golf Caps Sports Sun Hats Quick Dry Lightweight $8.00

Consider also, a compression shirt to wear under Polo on cold days

Remember to wear a collar shirt (polo type) to all practices and a team shirt to tournaments. 

If it is cold, wear a sports compression long sleeve shirt under the collar shirt.  

If a jacket is necessary, do not wear a hoodie. Hoodies are inappropriate at Mt. Air and most golf courses.  

Golf shoes are not necessary, but they are nice to have since they are waterproof. Gym shoes are fine.  

For Golf clubs, check on Craig's list, Barken basement near the Go, has a set of left handed clubs for $20 with a nice golf bag, Play it again Sports on Tunnel Road in Asheville on Hwy 70. Check on WKYK and Burnsville Facebook has a trading site as well.  

Golfers and Parents,

 The players of the EY golf team are: 

Michael , Maddie , Leif , Jayden , Chesney , and Maya 

The players of the CR Team are:

Ben , Zach , Gavin , Jesse , Adam , and Nicholas 

No last names allowed on this site.

e names 

For those students who make the team,  please be aware of the following: For the golf team, there is not a required daily practice.  All practices are optional. Players are expected to practice at either one or more of the optional team practices with a coach present or on their own with a parent.  The best players will be chosen to compete.