Yancey County Schools is dedicated to providing gifted students the opportunity to become independent learners and decision makers who recognize their potential and responsibilities in a changing global society. The school system is committed to providing a rigorous and innovative instructional program that fosters the highest level of excellence and recognizes the right of each student to receive intellectual challenge appropriate for his/her capabilities. 

Yancey County AIG program standards: copy and paste to address bar: link below


AIG Specialist: Ric Cedergren

National Board Certified

M.Ed. DePaul University 
B.S. Northern Illinois University

AIG: All Day, Every Day

Yancey County Schools strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment to empower all students to achieve their full potential as life long learners and global citizens. 
The Academically Intellectually Gifted Program is committed to providing an equitable and pragmatic array of services appropriate for meeting the needs of the gifted population of Yancey County.  

While committed to meeting the educational needs of all students, the Yancey County Academically Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Program strives to ensure that students from all cultural groups, economic strata, and areas of human endeavor be considered for representation in the Academically Intellectually Gifted Program.

Students are serviced according to their area of qualification (math and/or communication skills).  Areas of qualification are documented on students' plans.  AIG and/or classroom service options include: placement in an honors class in area of qualification and differentiated enrichment and / or accelerated curriculum.  

Students are Serviced in Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade Through AIG Identification  Identification is through either of the two pathways.

Pathway 1: Three of the four criteria must be met.

  • Achievement (EOG) score of 95%
  • Gifted scale score of 127+
  • Academic performance of 93% this past year
  • Aptitude (IQ) score of 91%

Pathway 2: Three of the five criteria must be met.

  • Achievement score (EOG) of 90%
  • Gifted scale score of 127+
  • Academic performance of 93% this past year
  • Aptitude (IQ) score of 91%
  • Portfolio evaluation (given if two of the above criteria are met)

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Student Identification grades 6-7 (Services provided 6-8)

Students are evaluated and identified for service through Pathway 1 only;

Three of the following four criteria must be met:

  • Achievement score of 95%ile.
  • Teacher recommendation with gifted scale score of 127+
  • Academic performance of 93% past year.
  • Aptitude (IQ) score of 91% (given if two of the above are met). 

AIG Middle School Program:

 6th, 7th and 8th Grades:  

AIG students are combined with other high performing students to form an honors classroom in 7th and 8th grades. Students who have demonstrated a need for advanced studies are placed in a schedule that will give them access to higher level math, reading and enrichment programming. 

Eric (Ric) Cedergren

I live in the South Toe area of Burnsville, NC, with my wife Susan, son Leif who is an 8th grade student at EYMS and daughter Wren. Leif enjoys playing soccer and participating in Parkway Playhouse productions.  My daughter Gressa is living and working in Asheville and recently returned from a trip to Ecuador. My daughter Wren just completed her senior year with honors and signed to play soccer with Brevard College this fall. Finally, we hosted a French student Andres Gueguen who attended Mountain Heritage High School as a Junior and participated on the Cougar soccer and wrestling teams.

Education and experiences:

I graduated with an undergraduate in Industrial Supervision at Northern Illinois University with a minor in Psychology. After working in medical claims at the Allstate corporate headquarters in Northbrook, IL.,  I spent 2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer, living in a Mud brick hut in the Sahara desert in Mauritania, West Africa attempting to learn French and Pulaar and working as an agriculture extension agent.  Upon my return, I worked for a corporate/industrial media company as a "grip," and was the media supervisor for Little City Foundation for the developmentally challenged.

Having an interest in education, I applied and was accepted into a teaching certificate fellowship program at DePaul University in Chicago and completed a Master’s degree in Education.  I taught in Chicago for five years and was a head coach for girl's basketball and softball and co-coached boys basketball for three years.  In 1998, we moved to Mars Hill and I accepted a 5th grade teaching position at Sand Hill Venable Elementary. Toward the end of 2004, I was awarded a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification and was voted Teacher of the Year at Barnardsville Elementary.  In 2009 I completed a University AIG Certification Program from Western Carolina University.   In 2015, I completed and passed the NBPTS certification Renewal process. This is my 23nd year as a teacher and my 12th as teacher in YCS.  This was my 3nd year as coach of the YCS middle school soccer team (10-0 season) and my 6th as golf coach at EYMS & 2nd as CRMS golf coach.


I have many interests, including travel, hiking, historical fiction reading, problem solving of any kind, design and architecture and music. A few years ago, my children, all players of "the beautiful game," have converted me into fan of Soccer. Now as a dad and strong participant and supporter of our local Toe Valley Soccer association, I have completed my U.S. Soccer Coaching E license. In 2009, after many years of research and with the bated breath support of my family, I took on the monumental task of building a house. Four summers later, and with the help and advice from many experienced builders and a very supportive building inspector, I designed and built the house in which my family now lives.  It was a rewarding and stressful experience and as a result, I have utmost respect for all who make their living in construction. My son informed me that in Mrs. Atuk's 5th grade class, he learned that the Vanderbilt's moved into the Biltmore Estate on Christmas Eve. We also moved into our house on December 24th, 2013. This is to my knowledge, the only thing we have in common with the Vanderbilt family.

To end on a musical note: 

I  was raised in a musical family.  My father was a Julliard graduate in Voice who sang opera professionally and directed and sang in many city and church choirs in New York, Chicago and lastly Boise, Idaho. He also performed in lead roles in many musicals such as South Pacific, Carousel, Madam Butterfly, and The Sound of Music and The Marriage of Figaro. My mother taught piano, saxophone, and also sang in our church choir.  Myself and my siblings all play one or more instruments and sing and play in local venues or family gatherings for amusement.  To pay this gift of a magical and musical upbringing forward, I have worked as staff at an area music festival serving musicians and have co-hosted a community open mic for many years.