Welcome to Mrs. Wright's science class. Here are a couple of important things you need to know about my class:

1) Respect yourself and others. 
    > When you respect yourself, you will always do what is expected...classwork, homework, etc
    > When you respect others, you will keep your hands and feet to yourself and you will not make fun of or bully others. 
2) Always be prepared. 
    > If you have your three ring binder, you should have everything you folder with notes and/or completed homework, pencils, etc
3) If you are absent, check with me when you return to get your makeup work.
    > You will have 3-5 days to complete any makeup work. 
4) Always check the homework board before you leave my class.

There are three categories of grades:
    1) In Class Assignments
    2) Homework: My homework grading policy is based on attempt...if you attempt every question to the best of your ability, you will receive a 100. 
    3) Assessments

If you need to e-mail me, my e-mail address is