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East Yancey Middle

Welcome to East Yancey Middle MAGIC!

The MAGIC Program at East Yancey Middle operates immediately after school until 5:45 pm Monday through Friday. We offer homework help & tutoring, hands-on academic and social enrichment programs, special clubs and physical activity time. 

Limited Transportation is provided to specific bus drop locations. 

Our staff at East Yancey consists of Cindy Tipton, Amy Flynn, Brad Carey, Chad Rohl, Leslie Hilliard, Dawn Silvers and Michelle Geouge.

WHAT'S HAPPENING in MAGIC @ East Yancey...

Crock Pot Cooking Program
  Crock Pot Cooking Program 
 The MAGIC students learned how to make healthy meals using whole  ingredients in crock pots. This program was a partnership between Graham  Children's Health Services and part of the Eat Smart Move More grant. We  were able to utilize some of the ingredients from our school garden and the  TRACTOR donated some wonderful locally grown vegetables.


On Thursday, March 26th, East Yancey MAGIC hosted a family night. The students prepared the crock pot meals the day before. We were pleased to have a number of families join us!


 School Gardens 
 The MAGIC students worked to put in raised beds for a school garden at East  Yancey. Materials were paid for through the Eat Smart Move More grant and the  students learned how to put in garden beds using the Lasagna method. The garden  was highly successful and last year we had an abundance of fresh spinach and kale  to supplement our snacks. Some of the student's favorites were green smoothies,  kale chips, and spinach spaghetti sauce. Many of the students had never tried these wholesome greens before and were surprised how tasty they can be. This year we have formed a partnership with   
on Mondays and Wednesdays we have a designated garden club headed by botanist, herbalist and native plant specialist, Abby Artemisia. The club is in the process of selecting seeds for spring planting and is looking forward to the warmer weather so they get busy in the garden and take field trips visiting local farms.

Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots mini grant
Our program was awarded a mini grant through the Jane Goodall Foundation to build bat houses. The students have been learning about the importance of bats to our ecosystem and how the white-nose syndrome is taking its toll on these misunderstood creatures. The $200 in funds awarded from the grant has gone to purchase the supplies needed to build bat houses. Since bats are particular about the location of the houses they inhabit, the houses constructed by the students will be placed at a local non-profit animal sanctuary.   


AMY Library Bookmobile  
The AMY Bookmobile is a traveling branch of regional library system. Once a month the bookmobile comes to East Yancey MAGIC and gives the students an opportunity to select books of interest. Special thanks to outreach librarian, Sylvia Archer for facilitating this for our students.

Please feel free to contact Director, Shelley Rohl 828-284-1162 or by email mcrohl at yanceync.net with any questions.