1:1 Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of device will my student use?

Each student in grades 9-12 will receive a Samsung Google Chromebook.

When will students be issued the Chromebooks?

Fall Semester 2013, students will start to receive their Chromebooks. Students who have met all requirements will start receiving the Chromebooks.

Will the Chromebooks be used only at school?

YCS students in grades 9-12 will be allowed to carry their Chromebooks home.

Will my student use the same device all year?

Yes. Each student will receive his/her own Chromebook. The Chromebooks are school property and must be turned in at the end of each school year or at the end of the first semester for December Graduates.

What kind of software will be installed on the Chromebooks?

Since all work on a Chromebook is done in the browser, there is no capability to install software on the laptop. Chromebooks work is done through Google apps. Students can work offline on Google Docs through an app.

What type of virus protection is offered? Will the Chromebook jeopardize my home network?

Each Chromebook has built-in virus protection, with multiple layers of security like data encryption and verified boot.

How will Internet Safety be addressed?

YCS utilizes Zscaler content filter which is updated daily. It will filters content on  devices both on and away from school campuses; however, the most important filter is parental supervision. This filter is in compliance with the Federal “Children’s Internet Protection Act” (CIPA). Students will be instructed yearly regarding Internet Safety in compliance with YCS School Board Policy 4332.

What happens if my child has a question or we need support when using the  Chromebook at home?

Mountain Heritage will have a Help Desk available to students, teachers, and staff throughout the school day to assist with tech support issues as they arise. Problems occurring at home should be referred to the Help Desk the next school day.

What happens if my child leaves his Chromebook at home or at school?

All students are expected to come to class each day fully prepared to learn, with all required supplies and resources. Students should bring their fully charged tablets to school every day. Students will be responsible for securing the Chromebooks at all times. If the machine is left at school, students should make every effort to locate it or report it to the media coordinator or the Help Desk. In the event the student leaves the Chromebook at home, a loaner computer will be issued for use during the school day. The loaner machine may not be the quality of the Chromebook and may have to be charged throughout the school day.

We already have a computer at home for schoolwork. Does my student have to work on the Chromebook issued by YCS?

Students will be able to use either their school assigned Chromebook or their home computer to complete assignments. Students can login to their YCS Google Apps account and upload any assignment to their Google Drive or submit any the assignment with other digital tools as directed by the teacher ( YCS Moodle, etc…).

Will YCS provide Internet access at home?

No, this will not be supplied by the school district. Parents can purchase Internet services through a provider of their choice.  Free WiFI hotspots are available at various points in the county. Not all teacher assignments will require use of Internet resources or home access.

How will my student connect to the Internet while at home?

Chromebooks have the ability to connect to any wireless or wired network. Students will be instructed on how to connect at home.

Can other family members use the YCS issued Chromebook?

Yes, but the student and his/her work must come first. We encourage parents and family members to share the computer learning experience while the machine is at home. But students are expected to bring their Chromebooks to school fully charged?

How will charging Chromebook batteries  be handled?

Chromebooks have a six or more hours of battery life when fully charged.  To optimize instructional time, students are expected to bring their Chromebook to school fully charged. In the event, the computer battery life is not expected to last the entire school day, charging stations are located in the media center and other areas of the campus.. Students may charge their Chromebooks at this time.

How will the district support the maintenance of the Chromebooks?

The Chromebooks are covered by a warranty for  one year for general damage. A $50.00 insurance/maintenance fee will help support some repairs.

Will my student be have a Google email and Google App account?

Yes, email and Google apps accounts will be critical tools in how students communicate and collaborate with their teachers and peers in problem-based learning in 21st Century classrooms.

Will the Chromebooks replace print media?

No. The Chromebooks and digital resources are just one of many resources used in YCS classrooms. However, the Chromebooks will increase access to electronic web-based tools, eReaders, and educational apps that support classroom instruction.

Won’t students just spend all of their time surfing the Internet during the school day?

No. The Chromebook is a tool for learning. Students will be expected to use it accordingly.

Will the Chromebook come with a mouse?

No, the Chromebook has a touch pad mouse.

What if I choose not to allow my child to participate?

The Chromebook is a tool for learning in each classroom. Students will be assigned a machine for use during the school day as a day user. Parents may choose not to allow the laptop to be brought home.

What are the consequences for misuse or inappropriate use of the Chromebook?

Teaching students to appropriately use technology has been part of our curricular program. As with any instructional tool such as a textbook or calculator, appropriate policies and procedures will be implemented and enforced. Details are provided in the 1:1 Handbook; YCS Students and Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and in YCS School Board policies found online at www.yanceync.net

Students will be disciplined per policy.

Will the Chromebooks be insured and are parents required to purchase the insurance?

No, Chromebooks are not insured. Students will be charged a $50.00 per year fee to cover damages that may occur.

How are the 1:1  Chromebooks being funded?

Chromebooks and professional development is being provided by funding from The Golden Leaf Foundation of North Carolina.