Welcome to our Japanese Lessons Section.  

Although learning is always hard, we realize that stuffy classrooms and boring text-books can sometimes impede learning, rather than helping it.  Learning is especially difficult at the critical beginning, when you don't "get it" enough to keep up the motivation.  

We believe that there will always be a place for the dynamic environment of the classroom, but we also think that should be complimented by easy to understand resources that students can use on their own.  To that end, we are giving the gift of free introduction to Japanese lessons to anyone with a computer.  These lessons will be short (under five minutes each), and to the point.  Each lesson is done in an informal style similar to Khan academy, so don't expect an extra-polished presentation.  Where we can't cover every detail, we'll point you to resources that can.

To get started, please head to our first section, Japanese Sounds.