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Adams, A. & Boyajian, T. Empirical Radius and Temperature Fits for Cool Stars using Interferometry Other Adams & Boyajian 
Akeson, R. The NASA Exoplanet Archive Other Akeson 
Angus, R. & Johnson, J. A. Searching exoplanets with evolved hosts Stellar Activity Angus & Johnson 
Baluev, R. V. Analytic models of the nonstationary Doppler noise for exoplanets Stellar Activity Baluev 
Barnes, S. I., Weber, M., Granzer, T., Strassmeier, K. The GREGOR@Night Precision Radial Velocity Spectrograph Instrumentation Barnes et al. 
Bastien, F. A., Stassun, K. G., Pepper, J., Wright, J. T. Light Curves as Predictors of Good RV Targets Stellar Activity Bastien et al. 
Bauer, F. F, Zechmeister, M., Reiners, A. Calibrating echelle spectrographs using Fabry-Perot interferometers Instrumentation Bauer, Zechmeister, & Reiners 
Beatty, T. G. & Gaudi, B. S. Astrophysical Sources of Statistical Uncertainty in Precision Radial Velocities and Their Approximations Other Beatty & Gaudi 
Bechter, E., Crepp, J. R., Crass, J., Bechter, A., Ketterer, R., King, D., Reynolds, R., Stapelfeldt, K., Brooks, J., Hinz, P., Gonzales, E. J. The iLocater Spectrometer Instrumentation Bechter et al. 
Bedell, M. The HARPS Solar Twin Planet Search Other Bedell 
Berdiñas, Z. M., Amado, P. J., Anglada-Escudé, G., Rodríguez-López, C., Barnes, J. High-cadence observations with HARPS-N: noise caused by line profile variability Other Berdiñas et al. 
Boesch, A. & Reiners, A. Near-infrared wavelength calibration with molecular emission spectra Instrumentation Boesch & Reiners 
Borsa, F., Frustagli, G., Rainer, M., Poretti, E. Filtering stellar activity in the Fourier space Stellar Activity Borsa et al. 
Bouchy, F., Courcol, B., Udry, S., Hébrard, G., Delfosse, X., Arnold, L., Astudillo, N., Boisse, I., Bonfils, X., Bourrier, V., Deleuil, M., Demangeon, O., Diaz, R., Enrenreich, D., Forveille, T., Moutou, C., Pepe, F., Rey, J., Santerne, A., Santos, N., Ségransan, D., Wilson, P. SOPHIE+ spectrograph Instrumentation Bouchy et al. 
Boyajian, T., Fischer, D., Wright, J., Ford, E. Nexus for exoplanet system science (NEXSS) Other Boyajian et al. 
Boyajian, T., von Braun, K., Adams, A., Mann, A., Feiden, F., Fischer, D., Kane, S., van Belle, G. Sizing up the parents: Exoplanets around cool stars Other Boyajian et al. 
Brewer, J. M., Fischer, D. A., Valenti, J., Piskunov, N. Stellar Abundances and Planet Compositions Other Brewer et al. 
Burt, J., Laughlin, G., Vogt, S. Exoplanet Detection with the Automated Planet Finder Instrumentation Burt, Laughlin, & Vogt 
Cersullo F., Wildi F., Chazelas B., Pepe F. Characterizing a Fabry Perot Instrumentation Cersullo et al. 
Conod, U., Wildi, F., Pepe, F. Reconciling Large Telescopes with High Spectral Resolution Instrumentation Conod, Wildi, & Pepe 
Cornachione, M.A. & Bolton, A.S. RV-to-CCD forward modeling Other Cornachione & Bolton 
Díaz, R. F., Ségransan, D., Udry, S., Lovis, C., Pepe, F., Dumusque, X., Marmier, M. Bayesian (re)-analysis of three HARPS systems. New planets, phantom planets and magnetic cycles Doppler Code Díaz et al. 
Dressing, C., Gettel, S., Charbonneau, D., Buchhave, L. A., Dumusque, X., Vanderburg, A., Bonomo, A. S., Malavolta, L., Pepe, F., Cameron, A. C., Latham, D. W., Udry, S., Marcy, G. W., Isaacson, H., Howard, A. W., Davies, G. R., Aguirre, V. S., Kjeldsen, H., Bedding, T. R., Lopez, E., Cosentino, R., Figueira, P., Fiorenzano, A. F. M., Harutyunyan, A., Johnson, J. A., Lopez-Morales, M., Lovis, C., Mayor, M., Micela, G., Molinari, E., Motalebi, F., Phillips, D. F., Piotto, G., Queloz, D., Rice, K., Sasselov, D., Segransan, D., Sozzetti, A., Watson, C., Basu, S., Campante, T. L., Christensen-Dalsgaard, J., Kawaler, S. D., Metcalfe, T. S., Handberg, R., Lund, M. N., Lundkvist, M. S., Huber, D., Chaplin, W. J. The Compositions of Small Planets & Their Host Stars Other Dressing et al. 
Dumusque, X. Pepe, F. Lovis, C., Latham, D. Characterization of a spurious one-year signal in HARPS data Instrumentation Dumusque et al. 
Fabio Del Sordo Multifractal structures in radial velocity data Doppler Code Del Sordo 
Faria, J. P., Santos, N. C., Figueira, P. A radial velocity search for planets around metal-poor stars Statistical Techniques Faria, Santos, & Figueira 
Feger, T., Arriola, A., Bento, J., Coutts, D. W., Ireland, M. J., Rains, A., Schwab, C. The Replicable High-resolution Exoplanet and Asteroseismology spectrograph Instrumentation Feger et al. 
Fulton, B. J., Weiss, L. M., Sinukoff, E., Isaacson, H., Howard, A. W., Marcy, G. W., Henry, G. W, Holden, B. P., Kibrick, R. I. Three Super-Earths Orbiting HD 7924 Other Fulton et al. 
Gao, P., Plavchan, P., Gagné, J., Furlan, E., Bottom, M., Anglada-Escudé, G., White, R. J., Davison, C., Mills, S., Beichman, C. A., Brinkworth, C., Johnson, J. A., Ciardi, D. R., Wallace, J. K., Mennesson, B., von Braun, K., Vasisht, G., Prato, L. A., Kane, S. R., Tanner, A. M., Walp, B., Crawford, S., and Lin, S. Retrieval of Precise Radial Velocities from M Dwarfs in the Near-IR Doppler Code Gao et al.  
Geneser. C. & Plavchan, P. A Novel Approach to Large Aperture Astronomical Spectroscopy Instrumentation Geneser & Plavchan 
Giguere, M., Fischer, D., Zhang, C., Matthews, J., Cameron, C. A combined spectroscopic and photometric analysis of Epsilon Eridani Stellar Activity Giguere et al. 
Gregory, P. One Bayesian Approach to the RV Challenge Statistical Techniques Gregory 
Halverson, S., Mahadevan, S., Diddams, S., Ycas, G., Schwab, C., Levi, E. A Photonic Wavelength Calibrator Based on a Fiber Fabry-Perot Interferometer Instrumentation Halverson et al. 
Haywood, R. D., Collier Cameron, A., et al. The Sun as a planet-host star: proxies from SDO images for HARPS radial-velocity variations Stellar Activity Haywood et al. 
Jurgenson, C., Fischer, D., Giguere, M., McCracken, T., Sawyer, D., Szymkowiak, A. EXPRES - the EXtreme PREcision Spectrograph Instrumentation Jurgenson et al. 
Lanza, A.F., Desidera, S., Claudi, R., Bignamini, A., Malavolta, L., Bonomo, A.S., Scandariato, G., Micela, G., Pagano, I., Sozzetti, A., Piotto, G., Gratton, R., Cosentino, R., Molinari, E., Maggio, A., Covino, E., Poretti, E., Boccato, C., Smareglia, R., GAPS collaboration Line asymmetry indicators to detect stellar activity effects in radial velocity measurements Stellar Activity Lanza et al. 
Lanza, A. F., Molaro, P., Monaco, L., Haywood, R. Long-term radial velocity variations of the Sun as a star in the 2006-2014 period Stellar Activity Lanza et al. 
Li, C.-H., Glenday, A., Phillips, D. F., Langellier, N., Chang, G., Furesz, G., Kärtner, F. X., Sasselov, D., Szentgyorgyi, A., Walsworth, R. L. Progress with a green astro-comb for exoplanet searches Instrumentation Li et al. 
Ma, B., Ge, J., Sithajan, S., Powell, S., Varosi, F., Zhao, B., Schofield, S., Liu, J., Grieves, N., Cassette, A., Li, R., Yoder, W., Williamson, M., Muterspaugh, M., Blake, C., Barnes, R., Lopez, E., Lopes de Souza, A., Carson, K., Klanot, K., Jeram, S., Tan J., Singer, M. The Dharma Planet Survey of Low-mass Planets around Nearby Solar-type Stars Doppler Code Ma et al. 
Mace, G., Jaffe, D., Park, C., Lee, J.-J. Stellar Radial Velocities with IGRINS at McDonald Observatory Other Mace et al. 
Malavolta, L. & the HARPS-N Science Team Impact of Sky Background on Precise Radial Velocities Telluric Contamination Malavolta 
McCracken, T., Jurgenson, C., Fischer, D., Szymkowiak, A., Sawyer, D. A tunable Fabry-Perot wavelength calibrator Instrumentation McCracken et al. 
Mossman, M., Smith, S., Fischer, D., Giguere, M., Jurgenson, C., Szymkowiak, A. An LED and Quartz Lamp Based Light Source for Spectrograph Flat Fielding Instrumentation Mossman et al. 
Motalebi, F., Pepe, F., C. Cameron, A., Charbonneau, D., Latham, D. W., Molinari, E., Udry, S., Affer, L., Bonomo, A. S., Buchhave, L. A., Cosentino, R., Dressing, C. D., Dumusque, X., Figueira, P., Fiorenzano, A. F. M., Gettel, S., Harutyunyan, A., Haywood, R. D., Johnson, J. A., Lopez, E., Lopez-Morales, M., Lovis, C., Malavolta, L., Mayor, M., Micela, G., Mortier, A., Nasimbeni, V., Philips, D. F., Piotto, G., Pollacco, D., Queloz, D., Rice, K., Sasselov, D., Segransan, D., Sozzetti, A., Vanderburg, A., Watson, C. A. The HARPS-N Rocky Planet Search Doppler Code Motalebi et al. 
Nelson, B. E., Wang, S. X., Wright, J. T., Ford, E. B. Statistical Weighting Procedures for Iodine-Calibrated Radial Velocity Chunks Statistical Techniques Nelson et al. 
Nowak, G., Palle, E., Sanchis-Ojeda, R., Albrecht, S., Ribas, I., ESPRINT collaboration Stellar activity impact on the planet searches in the K2 data & first results of ESPRINT collaboration from K2 Field-1 Stellar Activity Nowak et al. 
Plavchan, P., Gao, P., Gagne, J., Furlan, E., Brinkworth, C., Bottom, M., Tanner, A., Anglada-Escude, G., White, R., Davison, C., Mills, S., Beichman, C., Johnson J., Ciardi, D., Wallace, K., Mennesson, B., Vasisht, G., Prato, L., Kane, S., Crawford, S., Crawford, T., Sung, K., Drouin, B., Lin, S., Leifer, S., Catanzarite, J., Henry, T., von Braun, K., Walp, B., Geneser, C., Ogden, N., Stufflebeam, A., Pohl, G., and Regan, J. Precise Near-Infrared Radial Velocities Other Plavchan et al. 
Quinn, S. N., White, R. J., Latham, D. W., Torres, G., Buchhave, L. A. Planets and Stellar Activity in Open Clusters: Distinguishing Giant Planets from Active Young Stars Stellar Activity Quinn et al. 
Rajpaul, A., Aigrain, S., Osborne, M. RV exoplanets and stellar activity: Gaussian processes to the rescue Statistical Techniques Rajpaul et al. 
Rosich, A., Ribas, I., Perger, M., Herrero, E., Morales, J. C. Multidimensional Lomb-Scargle Periodogram Statistical Techniques Rosich et al. 
Roy, A., Halverson, S., Mahadevan, S., Ramsey L. W., Levi, E., Schwab, C., Hearty, F., MacDonald, N. An Efficient and Versatile Fiber Double Scrambler for High Precision Radial Velocity Instruments Instrumentation Roy et al. 
Sato, Bun'ei Precise Radial Velocity Measurements with Subaru/HDS and OKAYAMA/HIDES Other Sato 
Schwab, C., Stürmer, J., Gurevich, Y. V., Führer, T., Lamoreaux, S. K., Walther, T., Quirrenbach, A. Laser locked Fabry-Perot etalon with 3 cm/s stability for spectrograph calibration Instrumentation Schwab et al. 
Seifahrt A., Bean J. L., Stuermer, J. Development and Construction of Maroon-X Instrumentation Seifahrt et al. 
Stefansson, G., Hearty, F., Levi, E., Robertson, P., Mahadevan, S., Nelson, M. Ultra Precise Temperature and Pressure Control for High-Precision RV Measurements with HPF Instrumentation Stefansson et al. 
Steffen, J. H. The distribution of period ratios in Kepler planetary systems Other Steffen 
Stürmer, J., Schawb, C., Seifahrt, A., Bean, J. Echelle Spectrum Simulator Other Stürmer et al. 
Tanner, A., Elfeki, M., Gelino, C The Starchive Other Tanner, Elfeki, & Gelino 
Terrien, R., Mahadevan, S., Bender, C., Halverson, S. Characterization of near-infrared detectors for precise radial velocities Instrumentation Terrien et al. 
Tinney, C., & Wittenmyer, R. ExoPlanetary Science at UNSW Other Tinney & Wittenmyer 
Valenti, J. & Anderson, J. Recovering the Stellar Spectrum from Many Observations with an Iodine Cell Doppler Code Valenti & Anderson 
Wang, S. X., Wright, J. T., Bender, C. F. Telluric Contamination: Effects and Solutions Telluric Contamination Wang, Wright, & Bender 
Yilmaz, M., Sato, B., Bikmaev, I., Selam, S. O., Izumiura, H., Keskin, V., Kambe, E. Exoplanet Searches Around G-K Type Giant Stars with RTT150 at TUG Other Yilmaz et al. 
Yi, X., Vahala, K., Li, J., Diddams, S., Ycas, G., Plavchan, P., Leifer, S., Sandhu, J., Vasisht, G., Chen, P., Gao, P., Gagne, J., Furlan, E., Bottom, M., Martin, E., Fitzgerald, M. P., Doppmann, G., Beichman, C. Demonstration of near-IR line-referenced electro-optical laser comb for precision radial velocity measurement in astronomy Instrumentation Yi et al. 
Yi, X., Vahala, K., Li, J., Diddams, S., Ycas, G., Plavchan, P., Leifer, S., Sandhu, J., Vasisht, G., Chen, P., Gao, P., Gagne, J., Furlan, E., Bottom, M., Martin, E., Fitzgerald, M. P., Doppmann, G., Beichman, C. Demonstration of near-IR line-referenced electro-optical laser comb for precision radial velocity measurement in astronomy Instrumentation Yi et al. 
Zechmeister M., Zhao J., Marvin C., Reiners A., Bauer F., CARMENES consortium CARACAL - The CARMENES pipeline Doppler Code Zechmeister et al. 
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