Email address: alexander dot rasmussen at yale dot edu

Hi, I'm Alex Rasmussen. I am a fourth year PhD student in the math department at Yale University. My advisor is Yair Minsky.
 In Thessaloniki.

My research interests lie in the following areas:
  • mapping class groups of infinite type surfaces (so-called big mapping class groups),
  • relative hyperbolicity, and
  • hyperbolic structures on groups (the study of the actions of a fixed group on varying Gromov hyperbolic spaces).
In particular I am currently studying analogs of the curve graph for infinite type surfaces and conditions under which a group has or doesn't have a largest cobounded action on a hyperbolic space (a largest cobounded action on a hyperbolic space should be thought of as the "best" possible such action).


Non-math interests: foreign languages, playing music (guitar and banjo), running, tabletop games.