Summer Reading 2018

Summer Reading Overview

What is it?

  • Each child receives a canvas “Summer Reading” bag with a book in it.

  • There is also a postcard with questions on it for them to answer and return to the school.

  • Additional postcards may be picked up at school.

  • Students in grades 3rd - 6th will begin the year with some activities related to the books read.  These books will be returned to the school to be used again.

  • Students in Kindergarten and First Grade this year, will receive a book on their reading level and they may keep the book but return the bag.


  • Research shows students drop in reading levels over the summer.

  • By asking them to return the card, there is accountability.


  • Students will have their name entered for prizes every time they return a postcard.

  • Students who return a postcard with the questions completed, will receive a free pass for the Alpha and Omega Corn Maze for the fall.

  • If at least 80% of the students return a completed postcard, students will be able to color Mrs. Kirkland's hair and Mrs. Poindexter's hair when they return in the fall.

  • We will draw names for winners from all the postcards returned until we run out of prizes.

Read Aloud Times?

  • We are offering a read aloud session each Tuesday at 11:30 pm beginning June 12 and concluding on August 7 except for July 3 at Yadkinville school.

  • There will be a room for each grade level along with parents and students younger than third grade.

  • The read aloud sessions will last approximately 20 minutes

  • The school's media center will be open following the read aloud times for book check out.

  • Lunch will be provided in the school cafeteria at noon.

What books are they reading?

  • Rising 6th Graders - Reading: Class Dismissed by: Allan Woodrow

  • Rising 5th Graders - Reading:  Rules by:  Cynthia Lord

  • Rising 4th Graders - Reading:  The Terrible Two by: Mac Barnett

  • Rising 3rd Graders - Reading:  Dinosaurs Before Dark by:Mary Pope Osborne

  • All other children & parents - Reading:  Book of your choice or Mrs. Poindexter will have some available.

Where can I get the postcards/questions?
  • In the canvas bag will be their book and a postcard with questions on it that can be mailed back to the school once it is completed. Those questions are specific to their assigned book.
  • Additional postcards can be picked up at the Yadkinville Public Library, Yadkinville, YMCA, or Yadkinville Elementary School. You can also find a list of the questions on this page at the bottom.
  • Make sure to get the correct questions for the grade level you will be entering in the fall and whether you need questions for a fiction (Made up story) or non-fiction (true story - reading for facts.)
  • You can return the postcards by dropping them off at the Yadkinville Public Library, Yadkinville YMCA or Yadkinville Elementary School. You can also keep the answers to the questions in the blue canvas bag and return them when you return to school.
  • The answers do not have to be on the postcards. You can write the questions on a sheet of paper and answer them if you want to do so.

What do I return to school in the fall?

  • We ask that all students return the canvas bag so we can use them again next year.
  • Students entering grades third through sixth are asked to return the books so we can use them again next year.
  • Instruction sheet in the sheet protector so we can use the sheet protectors again.
  • Any completed postcards/questions that have not been turned in during the summer.


  • Call the office or email

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May 21, 2018, 6:09 AM
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