The media center is open from 8:00 am until 3:00 each school day.  Students may come in and check out books or use the computers as needed.  Limited printing is allowed for school related projects.  Students in grades Kindergarten through second grade come for classes once every six day rotation.  The rest of the school comes for check out at least once in a three day rotation and may schedule additional classes in collaboration with their classroom teacher.  Students will find themselves in the media center with other classes as well.  We have open check out which means that students may check out books at any time during the day.  Kindergarten students may get one book to check out while first through third graders may get two books.  Students in grades fourth through sixth may check out up to three books at one time and they are due back in 16 days.


You can find our school catalog, 24/7 at the following link:

"Tweets from YES Readers"
Students in grades kindergarten through third grade will be able to share what they have been reading through our Tweets from YES Readers. 

Emoji Recommends
Students and teachers are filling out  Emoji Recommends cards.  The shelves are getting full of recommended books. It is a chance for students and teachers to recommend books to one another.  The students and teachers have been filling out the cards and students have been checking out the recommended books.  We hope to see more Emoji Recommends throughout the year.  Remember that you can pick up the cards in the media center on the shelves but you have to see Mrs. Poindexter for the Emoji stick that you will place beside the question How did the book make you feel.