Mrs. Oppenheimer's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Oppenheimer's class!  Some of you with older siblings may know me as Ms. Shoaf.  I just celebrated my third year of marriage to a wonderful man.  We have an adorable little girl who will be 2 years old in December and a sweet little boy who was born in April.  I am a Starmount graduate and have been working in the Yadkin County School system since 2004.  I taught in Wilkes County before that and have also taught a year in Peru.  I enjoy basketball, football, softball/baseball, volleyball, and most any other sport.  NC State is my favorite college team, and I like the Washington Redskins, New York Yankees, and Atlanta Braves.  I also enjoy reading, being outside, and Reese's Cups.

Here you will find all the information you will need for class.  I will post for you important quiz and test dates.  Please check the website several times each week.

Math Standards
This year in 8th grade, we will have a textbook and a workbook for each student like we did in 7th grade last year.  The Math 1 class will also have a textbook this year.

We will be covering the five standards in 8th grade listed below:
    1.  Number Systems
    2.  Expressions and Equations
    3.  Functions
    4.  Geometry
    5.  Statistics and Probability

In Math 1, our main topics will be:
    1.  Linear Functions
    2.  Linear Regression
    3.  Quadratic Functions
    4.  Factoring
    5.  Exponential Functions

Class Expectations
Treat others with respect.
Give your best, always willing to try.
Ask questions.
Be responsible.

Be a RAM...
R - Respect yourself and others.
A - Achieve positive outcomes.
M - Maturity is key.

I look forward to working with you and hope to have a great year!

My Teaching Schedule
1st Period - 8th Grade Math
2nd Period - Math 1
3rd Period - 8th Grade Math
4th Period - Planning (You will need to try to get in touch with me during this time.)
5th Period - Yadkin Virtual Academy
6th Period - IE Time