Compare & Contrast

Compare & Contrast

Examples: Venn Diagram, Double Bubble, KWL, etc.

Technology Tools:

  • Computer Based: Word, Paint, PowerPoint
  • Web 2.0 / Online Based: Zoho Writer, Google Draw, Diagramly, Gliffy, Cacoo

Agenda for the Day:

Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works (I’ll use "UTwCITW".)

  • Compare & Contrast & Introduction
  • Before Thursday afternoon please create an account for: 


  • Digital eBook – Copyright Guidelines

Mr. Garrett purchased an electronic copy of the book UTwCITW, and I have saved it to the server in the folder “eBooks”. It is in PDF format, so you can save it to your laptop, eReader, or other handheld device if you like.  Copyright rules apply to an eBook in the same way as to print books with a couple extra requirements. 

  • The book is for use in Fall Creek School only.  Sharing beyond our school is a serious violation of copyright law and could cost you $25,000 + .
  • You may not print out the entire book since it is a school copy, but you may print out a few pages of the book for reference and use.

Thursday’s focus will be on how to end up with the electronic sample stored centrally, using the following resources and techniques.

 ●     Websites:

 ●     Saving Documents: Getting to PDF

 ●     Uploading Documents: Finding the File