*****CONFERENCES 2019*****
  • International Conference on Advances in Emerging Trends and Technologies (ICAETT 2019)

  • Latin American Workshop on Computational Neuroscience (LAWCN 2019)

  • IEEE Latin American Conference on Computational Intelligence (LA-CCI 2019)

  • Congreso Internacional en Ciencias de la Computación INCICS 2019

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    Computational Intelligence Research Line (CIRL)

    It is a research line of the School of Mathematical Sciences and Information Technology from Yachay Tech. It is aimed to design and apply new methods of machine learning from kernel methods, unsupervised analysis, neural networks and deep learning. CIRL combines many mathematical, algorithmic and computational methodologies. In addition, in order to develop applications in real time, high performance computing (HPC) processes, embedded systems implementations and routines optimization approaches are explored.

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