(Hons.) Economics   


B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics is a full-time, three-year graduation program. The program aims at creation, dissemination and curation of knowledge. The program offers a wide array of interdisciplinary courses. Presently it includes Literature, Environmental Economics, Political Economy of India, History, Sociology, Computer Application etc. It complies with the UGC Guidelines. This provides the graduates a Diverse & Dynamic Learning & Research Environment This will help graduates in critical thinking, logical analysis and deep understanding of crucial economic issues. Through exhaustive learning & research we aim to prepare the students to face future challenges.

Detailed Programme Structure (Semester wise) for Batch 2017-20

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Detailed Programme Structure (Semester wise) for Batch 2018-21

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Course Structure: B. Sc. (Hons.) Economics 2017-20

Year 1



1. Microeconomics I (Fundamentals of                                   Microeconomics)

1. Macroeconomics I (Fundamentals of Macroeconomics)

2. Statistical Methods for Economists

2. Elements of Econometrics

3. Mathematics for Economists I

3. Mathematics for Economists II

4. Studies in English Literature (AEC-1)

4.  Classics: Shakespearean Plays (AEC-2)

5. Generic Elective-I (Interdisciplinary)

5. Introduction to Computer Applications (SEC-1)


6. Generic Elective-II (Interdisciplinary)




1. Microeconomics II (Intermediate Microeconomics)

1.  Intermediate Econometrics: Principles and                         Applications

2. Macroeconomics II (Intermediate Macroeconomics

2. Environmental Science (AEC 3)

3. Development Economics 

3. Application of Statistical Package for Economic                Analysis  (SEC 2)

4. Environmental Economic:  An Introduction

4. Economic Growth and Development

5. G.E. III (Interdisciplinary)

5. Public Economics, Public Finance and Public Policy

6. Generic Elective-IV (Interdisciplinary)




1. Indian Economy I

1. Indian Economy II

2. Evolution of Economic Thought

2. Personality Development and communication (SEC-3)

3. DSE Course-1

3. DSE Course-3

4. DSE Course-2

4. DSE Course-4

  • DSE- Discipline Specific Elective .
  • AEC: Ability Enhancement Compulsory course
  • SEC: Skill Enhancement Course
  • GE : Generic Elective

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