Didactic guide

Use this Webquest with students of 6th of Primary education to learn about medieval castles.


-        To learn vocabulary about medieval castles.

-        To know the parts of a medieval castle.

-        To write a description of the parts of a medieval castle.

-        To discover different medieval castles around the world.

-        To create a Power Point Presentation of one medieval castle of the world.

-        To follow given guidelines to create a scale model of a medieval castle.

-        To build up a scale model of a medieval castle.

-        To present the work to the rest of the classmates.

-        To work cooperatively.

-        To work in group.

-        To use the Internet to find information about medieval castles.

-        To use ICT.

-        To communicate using English as the main language.

-        To be responsible for their own work.


-        Parts of a medieval castle.

-        Medieval castles around the world.

-        Instructive text.

-        ICT’s.


-        Linguistic and audiovisual competence.

-        Cultural and artistic competence.

-        Treatment of information and digital competence.

-        Learning to learn competence.

-        Autonomy and personal initiative competence.


7 sessions of 1 hour

-        Activity 1: 2 sessions of 1 hour

-        Activity 2: 3 sessions of 1 hour

-        Activity 3: 2 sessions of 1 hour


-        One computer for each group of three.

-        Internet access.

-        Word Processor.

-        Power Point.

-        Printer.


In order to go through this Webquest, students should have a basic command of Word Processor, Power Point and Internet. Apart from that, they should know how to work in groups and cooperatively.


Small groups of three students each


The teacher will assess the following aspects, by using an assessment rubric previously designed:

-          Research of information.

-          Power Point presentation of a medieval castle.

-          Scale model construction of a medieval castle.

-          Team work.

Then, the teacher will give each student one mark by adding all the scores from the rubric. The students can get, maximum, 21 points and minimum 7. Therefore, if students have the result of 21, it means that it's perfect. If they have 11 or less means that they should have done it better and between 11 and 21 it's correct.

Students should know in advance on what they will be assessed.


Guide and help the students  in each step of the Webquest.


Please, feel free to let me know your opinion or suggestions about this Webquest by email: