INS Roseta Mauri


About us

Roseta Maurí is a state high school which was founded quite recently, in 2008-2009. It provides a compulsory curriculum for students from 12 to 16 years old, and high post-secondary education for students who want to go to university. They offer, for the post- secondary education studies, two different specialised curricula: Scientific and Technological, and Humanities and Social Sciences. This High School centre organises a great number of projects, covering very different subjects, with an audiovisual project, a theatre project and others on gardening, mediation, health and school, and more.
As an educational centre, they believe in educating students by adapting to the changing situation and needs of the current reality, aiming at preparing them to excel academically, developing their high self-esteem and giving them the tools necessary to succeed in life. In order to achieve this, they also want to create a close educational community

The educational centre was inaugurated in 2011 and it is located in Jaume Vidal i Alcover, 17, in the area of Mas Vidal, Reus. This is a suburb which has been growing and expanding, and includes now a variety of educational and other services, such as a sportscenter, a public library (Biblioteca Municipal Pere Anguera), a university campus and a hospital (Hospital de Reus). It is also nearby the CIMIR (Centre de la Imatge Mas Iglesias), a centre devoted to preserving and spreading the value of the cultural heritage of the area. The building was originally a country house that was reformed into a stately home and is now considered a local place of interest. Fira de Reus is another attractive set of facilities located in the area, in which diverse fairs take place throughout the year, and it is also the centre of different business services.

Carme López & Emma Zapater with SMiLEts Virgile and Jules