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Guillem Oliver, 3


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Escola Tarragona is a new primary school named after our town. It was created in 2006 and was later established in a brand new building in 2009.  It is located on the outskirts of the centre of Tarragona, just behind Joan XXIII hospital in an area which is still developing. The students that attend our school come, not only from the neighbourhood but from different areas of the city including the surrounding quarters.

Our school has got around 330 students of pre-primary and primary level.  The aim of our centre is to lead and accompany our pupils in the early stages of education. From the very start, this school intends to promote the artistic expression in our pupils such as music and visual arts.

Our latest challenges are the integration of the new technologies in our curriculum as well as  the reinforcement  and consolidation of the presence of the English language in the learning process.

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