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“El Serrallo” school is placed in the city of Tarragona, center-west of Catalunya. It is exactly settled in the so-called “El Serrallo” neighborhood, from which it took its name.

It’s a very representative neighborhood in the city, as well as differentiated from the rest. For a period of time, it’s been geographically separated from the rest of the city, this fact has been changed due to the urban growth.

Nowadays, the school is made up of 12 units: 3 in Pre-school Education (from 3 to 5 years old) and 9 in Primary Education (from 6 to 12 years old) with a total amount of 280 children.

In the school, there are up to date and well-equipped classrooms: library, music classroom, science lab, languages lab and a psychomotor area.

“El Serrallo” school is a Pre-school and Primary Public School opened to all kinds of children without any discrimination in terms of sex, race, culture, nationalities, beliefs…

Our education project is settled within a constructivist pedagogic belief where the pupil is the main protagonist of the teaching and learning processes. Our aim consists on creating beings capable of taking part in our society in an active and positive way, able of accepting themselves as well as the others, always offering their best.

Our work is focused on making children competent and our main aim is to develop the audiovisual and digital competences to have access to the informational and communication technologies in an autonomous and critical way.

Andra Veliscu & Albert Prats

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Eulàlia Freixa with SMiLEt Bianca & the students!