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Rubió i Ors is a co-educational school located in Reus, approximately 10km far from Tarragona. It offers education from 3 to 12 yers old. It has medium socio economic parent community with 15% of the students are from different countries: South America, Africa.

The 2015 current school roll is 39 teachers and 359 students. So we have a great variety of pupils, differents from capacity, origen, social status, emotional or cultural background and physical o mental discapacity.

It provides a quality learning environment which challenges all students to achieve their personal best and develop a positive vision for their future. It also offers support to children with special educational needs from learning support and resource teachers and care support from special needs assistants.

The school offers to students facilities like Library, Music room, Science room, English room, School Hall, Kitchen and several playgrounds.

Magda Gaya & Gloria Marin with SMiLEt Le Mihn

Vídeo de Google Docs

Vídeo de Google Docs

Magda Gaya & Glòria Marín & Andrea

Rubió i Ors Primary School