ESC Prat de la Riba

About us

Prat de la Riba is a small Primary school in the heart of Reus. The school has got one class for each level, for a total of nine classrooms. It offers education for children ages 3 to 12 years old.

With 221 students from 25 different countries, Prat de la Riba cultivates a diverse community, creating an opportunity to expose students to different cultures from all over the world. The school employs 17 teachers, among which teach or tutor in specific subjects.

The students begin their English language curriculum at the P3 level. They then start to learn other subjects, taught in English, once they reach 4th level. Moreover, the school participates in the SMILE Program and GEP (Grup Experimental Plurilingüisme) which supplements the language curriculum by hosting native English speakers as language assistants at the school. In the past, the school has also enrolled in various projects to improve English language skills, such as PELE A and PELE B.

2017 is a particularly special year for Prat de la Riba, as it is the first public school in Reus to celebrate its 100th year anniversary. Constructed in 1917, the building showcases a beautiful example of Art Nouveau architecture.

ESC Prat de la Riba, Reus

Prat de la Riba's teachers with SMiLEt Paschalina Vlachou