ESC Pràctiques

About us

Our school is located in an educational area in Tarragona at the University campus.The staff of school includes teachers, educators, special needs assistants and an art and a theatre consultant. We also have a kitchen and a school dining room used by the most of our pupils. All of us make a big family about 40 people.

We have got 460 pupils aged from three to eleven years old. We have two groups in each school level and two buildings one for nursery and another one for primary. Pupils and teachers come from similar backgrounds. All children are bilingual in Catalan and Spanish and they start learning English as a foreign language at the age of four. We have a group of students with special needs working half period with their group class to socialize and the other half period in a specific class with qualified teachers and educators.

We like to define ourselves as an innovative, a cooperative and an open school. We have run several local and European projects and our students are used to working on different topics and employing different methods.

This year we have started teaching all the primary Art classes in English and we also have introduced some English contents in the Social Science units. We are deeply interested into improving the English skills.

Antonia Cassadó & Glòria Royo with SMiLEt Jean Marie

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