ESC Cèsar August

         About us:

The school is located in a relatively wealthy neighbourhood of Tarragona.

The main part of the students are from our city. There are not many immigrants.

The main language of the school is Catalan (in the class) and Spanish (in the student’s free time).

Cèsar August offers the primary schooling. It covers the basic education from 3 to 12 years old.

It has got 3 classrooms for each level. In total, 27 classrooms.

Each class has its tutor and for more specific subjects like English, gymnastics or art, it also has some specialist teachers.

In general, our students become well-prepared to deal with the expected high school challenges.

Ludovica Rossi & Natalia Sobradillo:

Natalia Sobradillo & Alba Pita with SMiLEt Gail Malecki from USA:

Working together with Martí Franquès Secondary School:

Natalia Sobradillo & Alba Pita with SMiLEt Anna Kavalevich from Russia:

ESC Cèsar August

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