Benvinguts a la pàgina web del Grup de Treball La llengua anglesa per a P5 i Educació Primària del Pla de Formació de Zona de La Selva II 2014-2015. Us presentem el material elaborat per mestres d'especialitat llengua estrangera amb l'objectiu de presentar activitats competencials per a la millora de la llengua anglesa.

First of all, we have to know the definition of competence to understand the main aim from this project named “Competencial activities for English learning". 

Competence is the capacity to use knowledge and skills in a transferable and interactive way, is the capacity to use knowledge and skills in a transferable and interactive way. You use this in contexts and situations that require the activation of knowledge. It implies understanding, reflection and discernment processes, bearing in mind the social dimension of each situation. 

In this project we could find different activities according to the planning framework of 4Cs. In curriculum, there are four guiding principles:

    1. Content: At the heart of the learning process lie successful content.
    2. Communication: Language is a conduit for communication and for building, or thematic learning and the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding.        Content is the subject or the project theme.
    3. Cognition: must challenge learners to their own abilities.
    4. Culture: For our pluricultural and plurilingual world to be celebrated fundamental cultural aspects.