Welcome, hacker

In 1965, strange sequences of letters were found, and they were supposed to contain precious information. The sequences were organized in rows, following misteryous patterns.


Your Mission:

To discover everything you can from the sequences. 
You will work on teams of three people, on several steps, at each step you will receive  new sequences of letters. 

Select one of the Teams, and work only with the information from your team.

You have only 5 minutes for each step. After this time, when all the steps will be finished, your team will present your results to the rest of the classroom as described in the Final Session.

Good luck!

If you begin this activity, you will be part of a long list of scientists, 
beginning in 1965, that have dealt with this mistery. 
Image modified from an original  from the public domain 
extracted from Wikimedia Commons.