1) e-TWINNING 2016-2017. Project Get to Know Me and My Country. Speaking Series.

CURS 2016-2017
PROJECT 1: Get to know me and my country. Speaking Series.
Participating schools:

Founder teacher: Ewa Witczak

Institut Eugeni d'Ors de L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona - Spain)

Member teacher: Eulàlia Busquets Lluch

1.- We have received postcards from Poland


We startet this project by matching the Polish students with our Catalan students. They have become penpal friends and sent postcards and letters between them.

We received these nice postcards from Zespól School, they are corporative postcards. It is really cool! Don't you think so? 

Let's read what the Polish students have written to us. They write in English, of course, and introduce themselves to others. They express their feelings too. 


To: Maria Peña 3 eso C

Hi, my name is Johnny (Jan)
Today it is sunny. I live in                 Poland, in the town of Broniszewice. I like sport. I keep waiting for your 
 From:  Jan Póltovak

To: Rahma Bakkali 3 ESO C

How do you feel? Is everything all right?
In Poland it is autumn, but today it is
snowing! It's amazing! What is the weather like
in Spain? In my country there are many interesting museums, beautiful views. I think that Poland is a very interesting, beautiful
and amazing country. What do you think
about Spain?


Yes, it is true, there are some grammatical        or spelling mistakes in the postcards. This      does not worry us. On the contrary, we  accept them as part of the learning             process of a language. Even more, we can
try to correct them....

Can you help me to do it, please ?

TO: Anas Nakache  3 ESO C


My name is Milton. I'm 14 years old.
I like playing computer games. I live in Zegocin.
What is the weather (like) in Spain? My favourite computer game is for ...4

FROM:    Miloz  Piechowiak 


                                                                TO: Harjot Singh

What is the weather (like) in Spain ?. Because we have autumn and it is sometimes snowing.
I like my country and my town. Wait for your answer.

Bertoz W.


FOM: Ewelina Rogacka
TO: Sonia del Carmen Quinteros
                                                                      Hi Sonia,
                                                                    I am Ewelina. I live in central Poland.
                                                                     I am calm and smart. The weather in Poland is nice now. What about you?
Ewelina Rogacka

CURS 2015-2016



1.- Institut Eugeni d'Ors de L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona http://apliense.xtec.cat/prestatgeria/a8052921_3086/llibre/
2.- Özel Kasiyaka Bilim Doga Ortaokulu d'Izmir, Turquia. To see more go the WIKI http://mathics.wikispaces.com/
3.- Sukromne Gymnazium Life Academy, Poprad, Eslovàquia