The Institut Baix Empordà de Palafrugell is committed to the modernisation and internationalisation of its educational offer (course catalogue), by participating in the mobility activities of the Erasmus Programme. The purpose of the institution is to enhance the quality of its vocational training, the linguistic and transcultural competences of its students, as a means to support mobility, and to increase employability.


- Offer the possibility of traineeships in Europe to our students

- Full recognition for satisfactorily completed activities of mobility, in terms of credits awarded (ECTS) as equivalent to the Spanish traineeship (On the Job Training) “Módulo de Formación en Centros de Trabajo (FCT)”.

-Full respect for the principles of non-discrimination set out in the Programme and equal access and opportunities to participants from all backgrounds.

-Selection of partners and businesses from other European countries that contribute with different and innovative aspects in comparison to local businesses.


- Reinforce the quality of training programmes by promoting the mobility and cooperation of students and academic staff.

- Increase the professional skills of its graduates.

- Secure the social recognition of vocational training.

- Improve mobility organisation and funding.

- Perform monitoring and periodic evaluation of the process to introduce corrective measures if they were necessary.


We will choose our partners:

-Through contacts made by the teachers of the team of international programs.

-The school receives a petition for a visit from a foreign school. The offer is taken into consideration and if it is in the school's best interest, the school will be notified in order to prepare the visit.

-The school contacts other schools of similar characteristics and asks if they are interested in exchange programmes.

-Consulting the partners and businesses with which the school has already participated in previous exchanges.

-Through the agreements established by the Catalan Government, Departament d’Ensenyament de Catalunya.



Germany: which has a great need of technicians. This country is also a very interesting destination for all fields of technical specialities.

Greece: we are establishing some contacts in order to promote exchanges related to our Kitchen Management Short Cycle.

France: there are institutional agreements with the Catalan government which favour the agreements with French partners: Languedoc-Roussillon, Lyon and Rhône-Alpes.



The target of mobility is a single group of students: those of VET studies who are interested in a traineeship abroad.

Board of teachers and directors

For the next five years, it is planned to extend the Erasmus mobility to teachers, with the purpose of exchanging professional experiences related to Dual Vocational Training.